can’t stop. won’t stop.

I spent my entire day cleaning and now I’m sitting in car line for the next 48 minutes— like I ain’t have nothing better I could be doing with my life.  I mean.  I don’t.  But, I totally could have something better to do.

While sitting here and being a super creeper staring at folks, I saw a lady walk by like she was trying to make the qualifier round for Olympic race walking.  She was holding her baby like a greased football and her 2 older boys were practically sprinting to keep up with her.  But. Like. Why did I know exactly what was going through her head?  Carry on with your crisco coated potato baby, momma.  It gets better eventually.

Lots of things have changed since I last blogged and published.  A few people asked me to start a blog, but little did they know I have had one for several years.  I won’t dare to try to catch you up on everything, but I will mention that we’ve moved like 18 more times and we have at least 2 more kids.  That’s noteworthy.

Update: I’ve needed to pee for 30 minutes, but I’m having to trust my bladder more than I trust a priest right now. Once you’re here you can’t get out of carline to do your business.  If I leave, I’ll lose my spot as lead car and if you’re not first, you’re last.  26 more minutes until I can pee… not that I’m counting.  I have had too many kids for this.


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