pictures and side hustles and chauffeuring, oh my.

boy, oh boy. i have been busy. i am not even really sure where to start with everything i have been working on, so i will start somewhere and do my best not to SQUIRREL!

we had family pictures taken in september. i will use them for our christmas cards so i won’t show all of them. but, i will show you some. i made the people from scratch and Rae’s of Light Photography worked her magic with the photography.

ok, so i didn’t make EVERYONE in this picture from scratch. a solid 80% is a majority.

what else have i been up to? some content creation and some fun on an etsy page. if you know me IRL, you know that i enjoy crafting- making t-shirts and signs and stuff. i have wanted to sell them as long as i have been making them, but the trouble is- you gotta have more than 45 minutes at home a day to be able to make crafts for other people. so. i figured out how to sell my designs and not do the actual printing. you can peep that sight here:

i will be adding a ton more stuff as the time comes to me… shameless plug. shameless plug. shameless plug. now, moving on.

you might have noticed that the blog has a new look and a new name but all the old posts. indeed it does. i have enjoyed blogging again and plan to keep it up. in the world of marketing, i decided it was best for all of my “side hustles” to have the same name. thus, drew on paper is now my blog, my etsy business, my instagram, and my facebook page. on these platforms, you can find me doing social media marketing, etsy product creation, blogging, instagramming and whatever else my little heart fancies.

everything is pretty rudimentary right now as i am learning the new platforms. the jokes? the jokes come straight from my heart, boo. at any rate, hang with me. i have plans. big plans.


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