i only tidy on friday

if you’re from the sacred land of publix and tropical storms that title rhymes. if you aren’t fortunate enough to know of the glory of shorts in december, i apologize for the lack of titling creativity.

a few months ago, i started noticing a trend of being STRUNG OUT on the weekends. i would get my house clean and read’t to go for the weekend and then we’d be one ritz cracker away from pandemonium. my kids have a few chores they are responsible for, but there is also an expectation that when i ask you to do something for the greater good, you do it. m-f i get a little push back on the big stuff, but a simple “hey, could you please clean up the 30574 toys you pulled out” is generally done quickly and with minimal muttering . saturday and sunday? yeah, no. if i ask someone to clean something- you’d think for SURE that i was asking them if i could pull off their fingernails with rusty tweezers in front of a live studio audience. in a stand off with mom, mom is gonna win, but gotdamn its gonna be horrible for everyone involved. also, it’s going to get messed up again almost immediately because we are either on the way out the door or the kids are at home playing.

one day a few months ago, i just decided that i am not doing anything other than trying to tidy on a friday… sometimes i wear wings to just to spice things up.

my expectations for a clean house on the weekend are way lowered to just a quick house tidy before bed every night. that way, i don’t constantly feel like i am behind on everything. i know i will get to it on monday. and we are all happier because i am far less likely to have my head spin around like emily rose. i don’t care if it is october, thats not a good look on anyone.

I saaaaaid clean up your room.

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