national (love your) red hair day

i can’t believe there is a whole day dedicated to red heads, but if you’ve met marian, you can understand why. i think today is actually for redheads to celebrate themselves, but those of us who love them want to celebrate them too!

if you’re lucky enough to have a place for a redhead in your heart, here are some things you might want to know:

  • they’re not actually going extinct. only 2% of the world’s population has red hair BUT 4% of the population carry the gene. it’s the MC1R gene for you facts folks out there. in sum, 4% of y’all out there running around out there hauling the MC1R and don’t know what you’re about to be laying down.
  • bees are more attracted to redheads. scientist are still studying this fact, but it’s likely because their hair is bright like flowers. packing epi-pens like a sidepiece is optional.
  • the ancient greeks thought that redheads would go full cullen family after they died. yes, i just made a twilight reference in 2019.
  • lilth, the supposed first wife of adam, was said to have red hair. she got kicked right out of the garden of eden because she refused to be subordinate to adam. jewish mysticism over here putting down some serious predispositions.
  • during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in europe, redheads were out there getting snatched up and burned at the stake because their deviancy obviously made them witches.
  • i could go on, but i will leave you with this: redheads have influenced history disproportionately to their representation in the population. famous redheads include: emily dickinson, winston churchhill, mark twain, helen of troy, cleopatra, nero, queen elizabeth I, mary queen of scots, vincent van gogh, malcolm x, galileo, thomas jefferson, oliver cromwell, and ancient god of love aphrodite for good measure.

i can’t speak for all redheads, but i know marian is magic. she was born a performer and all the attention she has gotten over the span of her life for her perfect red hair probably didn’t hurt. she has a temper that is comically in line with stereotypes. what the clichés don’t tell you is that redheads are a cuddly bunch. i wouldn’t surprise one with a hug in the wild though. that might end with an ambulance, or at the very least, ruptured ear drums.

i thought i would include some shots of my favorite readhead just for funsies.


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