Mom Boss

Today is an exciting day. Drew on Paper LLC is a thing now, y’all. It’s a thing.

I suppose I didn’t neeeeed an LLC, but I am doing some ghostwriting and I’d really like to still be able to send my kids to college and retire one day (can you say that if you have been primarily a stay at home mom?).

So here she is. Isn’t she pretty?

Side note: as I am writing this my kids are slapping each other around and wrestling for fun. I mean they’re not getting hurt, but they’re hurting each other. Why do kids do this? I am an only child, I don’t understand this at all. AT. ALL.

Back to the Mom Boss stuff. I don’t notice everything, but I notice a lot of what is going on around me. I sit at dance and I noticed a mom sitting in the corner with her eyes closed whispering “1, 2, 3, 4. 1 and a 2 and 1 and 2 and 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.” At first I was like WHAT THA HELL?!? but then I hearkened back to my cheer days and realized she was doing choreography. I ended up seeing her a few days later at my gym. She is a group fitness instructor. I am so impressed at how she tucked herself into a corner and made her work (that she clearly loved) fit into the cracks of her life.

A good friend of mine is a mom boss too and bless her heart she totes her laptop and work phone everywhere. She finds time in the small moments of her day when she is with her kids to finish up work that is waiting for her. I am always in awe of her and all the plates that she constantly juggles and rarely, if ever, drops one.

When I sit at gym, there are 3 moms there that I assume are in school right now. They’re not sitting and playing candy crush. They’re reading and writing and figuring and I admire them. Another mom is always writing and scheduling on her laptop. I don’t know what it is she does, but I know she works hard at it. I admire that too!

I see the moms at my kids’ school that “stay home” but they’re never home because they’re always at school giving of their time and energy. I see the moms with a litter of kids out there keeping everyone clean and fed and happy. It’s not for the faint of heart.

I really shouldn’t even write about my best friends and what amazing boss ladies they are because I’ll never do it justice. How lucky am I to learn from one business owner, two top executives, and one Army veterinarian? I mean, hell, I had to spell veterinarian 3 times before spell check even knew what I was saying. These ladies are out there killing it on all fronts. No pun intended on the Army, thing.

It’s not mother’s day or anything, but today I am just feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people I’ve learned from. Maybe they taught me how to not hover quite so much over my kids. Maybe they taught me how to balance self-care with selflessness. Maybe they taught me it was possible to fit a job into the cracks of my day. Maybe they taught me how to push myself a little harder for something I want.

That’s what women do. We give of ourselves and sometimes that’s in setting an example for others. We balance all the plates. We drop a few, sure, but the fact that we are trying to balance them at all is amazing. So, YOU. You are wonderful. You show up. You do your best. You inspire me to be better.

Even if I don’t “know” you. I see YOU and I am in awe.


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