distancing day 6 thoughts:

Distancing Day 6 Thoughts:

1. I almost quit today. The idea of letting them go full Lord of the Flies for the 19/20 school year while I hid in my closet rocking back and forth and eating copious amounts of chocolate was looking more and more appealing. The hangup was in trying to convince myself how great it would be to have my kids at home for another year since they failed 4th, 3rd, and kinder, respectively, when it would normally be time for them to launch to college or idk where but not here. Ultimately, the long game was more important.

2. It snowed today and the pupils refused to go outside. I didn’t push it though because the thought of all the wet snow clothes draped all over e’rethang in my sorta clean house was enough to start me a searching for fainting couches on Facebook marketplace.

3. After a particularly um… spirited morning homeschool session, Laurel asked for bread for lunch. Not peanut butter. Not bread and soup. Not a turkey sandwich. Not even bread and butter. Just. Bread. Carbs are the solution to all the world’s problems and even the 4 year old knows it. Did the CDC try rubbing whole wheat on Clovid-19?

4. While every child is a gift and I adore them, I probably would have had less kids if past Meagan had known there would be a point where I’d be trapped indoors with them for weeks AND responsible for their education.

5. This afternoon we did school one person at the time. I don’t know what the other 3 were doing while I was schooling individually, but there wasn’t blood, body fluids, body parts, or glitter anywhere that I could see when I was done so I don’t care what they did either.

6. Everything that my kids irritate me with is being banished to the garage. Thankfully I don’t have to drive anywhere because soon the van will be completely encapsulated.


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