distancing day 8 thoughts:

I am writing you this from my bed because I cannot escape to Walmart or the thrift store for solitude. I would say that it’s probably good because I also cannot spend money, but my behavior on this Walmart app would determine that this is a lie.

Win number 1 of today occurred when I set my alarm for 1201am and was able to snag a grocery pickup slot. I have ordered EVERYTHING – hopefully 2+ weeks worth of food- so I’m taking bets on how many blue buckets I have. My guess is 20. In the interest of full disclosure, the winner of this bet gets absolutely nothing.

Win number 2 was little red and I getting to go for a walk. Laurel tagged along for part and Clara tagged along for part, but it was just what we ALL needed. It was 45 and sunny and glorious. I sweat for the first time in a fortnight and, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I need to cut back on the garlic and onions before I have to be around people who aren’t required to tolerate me via holy covenants and stuff.

We are more than halfway through the day and so far things have been pretty harmonious. I plan to hide in my bedroom until at least 4, so if we can get through dinner prep and the bedtime proceedings without me muttering (or exclaiming) any 4 letter words, today is gonna be my favorite day in 8 days. Everyone’s attitudes probably have a lot to do with me allowing Minecraft to be their nanny, no Mommy SCHOL Saturday, and me being gone for half the morning walking. At this point, the only thing at the 50meter mark is SURVIVAL without turning me into an alcoholic. Saturday has been a step in the right direction.


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