distancing day 9 thoughts:

Lord Jesus in Heaven. Have I always been this lazy or is this social distancing related? I complain all year that I’m never home to do projects, but now I am home and I don’ wanna.

I have been splayed out on my front porch like a lizard for the better part of an afternoon. My sunglasses tan lines are probably going to make me look like grumpy cat (again) but I can’t see anybody for a month and sitting out here means I’m not sitting in there doing laundry. I don’t see how this isn’t a win win.

Jerry and I discussed at the beginning of the weekend what all we wanted to accomplish. It wasn’t a particularly loooong list and I’m proud to say we accomplish exactly 1 thing on that list. Everybody has clean sheets. Keep your standards low. Then lower them again. Again. Juuuusssttt a little more. Still too high. There we go. That’s the secret to getting through distancing 2020. You’re welcome.

It’s 4:38 and I haven’t decided what I’m doing with the people about school this week. We started Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together and are about halfway through. I feel like we owe it to ourselves to finish it, but idk if we will do much else. I did get 4 cartridges of printer ink today though, so I’m ready to print War and Peace on my bubble gum machine printer if duty should call.

Marian decided she wanted to clean out the Atlas right now and wouldn’t you know the Apple TV remote was in someone’s seat. I won’t say which child is the remote hoarder, but I will say it’s the only one that can go to beaches shirtless when not in France.

Tomorrow I guess I’m gonna have to do stuff again. Now that there is a little pressure off on the schooling and stuff, I’m hoping that we can play games, all sorts, and unschool a bit. I have sidewalk chalk and a mostly positive attitude. I’m ready-ish for the week.


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