distancing day 10 thoughts:

Some of my children may have to be surgically removed from my ass when the distancing is over. I’m glad to provide shelter for them in this emotional storm, but Holy Hell- it’s been a while since I had an audience when I went to the bathroom. I did not miss it.

Today has been pretty chill so far and the sun is out which I am positive is a gift from Jesus himself as a way to lift spirits since the Pope cancelled Easter. YOLO FOR REAL up to and including Jesus in 2020.

The sun invited me to go for a solo walk earlier and it was FANTASTIC. Usually when the kids see me getting shoes on they start asking questions. I definitely didn’t sliiiiiink down the stairs and avoid eye contact with everyone until I could get out my house. Even when I was down the street a good 100 yards, I kept looking behind me for the lollipop guild. It’s not this virus making me paranoid, it’s my desire for alone time. Luckily, they were otherwise occupied with the trampoline and Mickey pops so they didn’t even notice. Hallelujah!

Marian and I did a little sidewalk chalk this AM. I have seen all the positive messages people have been leaving for folks. Marian and I felt inspired and left one of our own.

Introverts Be Like

The Walmart grocery picker couldn’t get 3 regular limes like I asked, so I got 3 5# bags of key limes. I don’t know lime to key lime math, but I think that’s a bit of an over purchase. Maybe our homeschool teacher Alexa can confirm. At any rate, we are putting lime in ALL of our drinks over here because when we quarantine, we quarantine fancy AF.

I’m participating in #distancingselfdiscovery2020 because I long for self-awareness and, more truthfully, I really like Instagram, Buzzfeed, and Facebook quizzes more than laundry. Stay tuned for important Meagan facts like “which Pixar team would want me to join their squad” or “Can I identity these 20 top memes from 2019.”

Also, this is my opinion on homeschool during Spring Break. We are doing it anyway.


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