distancing day 13/sip day 1 thoughts:

1. I don’t know how to tell y’all this, but this is the end of days. Don’t get it twisted. This doesn’t have anything to do with coronavirus or flying pigs or me singing. It has everything to do with me and laundry being all caught up. Yes, I am all caught up on laundry for the first time possibly in my adult life and definitely the first time since I had a litter of children. I’d like to thank my washing machine for her incessantly nagging bell chime. My washing machine’s dedication to the cause helped me to remember to switch things and while I still think her mom is a ho, I am grateful.

2. I have seen the back of 3 of my kids’ heads a handful of times today and that is it. There will be a very painful screen detox to come in the following days, but for today- I’m thankful. I finally downloaded Kids’ Messenger for them and that has allowed Alexa, Siri, and other people’s school aged children to babysit them while I’ve tried to frontload work. The kids REALLY need person to person interaction during this time and, today, that person needed to not be me.

3. The level of trash human that I’ve allowed myself to be seen in public as is at unprecedented levels. I sit on my front porch at every allowable opportunity and it’s like I’m actively trying to look horrible on purpose. Nope. This is just my face. After Hurricane Katrina ruined alla everybody’s everything, I recall someone that I’m genetically bonded to running around all over town in daisy dukes because it’s all he/she could stand to have on in the crippling heat. That’s pretty much the level of care I’m demonstrating now sitting on my front porch with half of everything hanging out.

4. There have been a lot of true colors shown during this complicated time. I have marveled at how some of you seem to positively sparkle in the face of adversity. I get choked up some times thinking about the wonderful people I know out there doing wonderful things. Even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like what you’re doing is wonderful or remarkable, sometimes the simplest acts of good are just doing the next right thing. Right now, maybe the next right thing is staying home when you’re ready to climb the walls out of boredom/bleeding ears/homeschool woes or otherwise. A few of you have the aura of doodoo brown cause you’re out here like it’s the Wild West, but that’s none of my business.

5. Tomorrow is Friday. Even though we are under our stay in place order and nothing has changed in 13 days, I’m gonna try to get hype for going into the weekend. The weather is gonna get chillier and there won’t be as much time outdoors as I have enjoyed this week. I need to get my mind right for the week ahead, but in small, manageable chunks because I have the attention span of a gnat. My patience is also rather lacking these days but it’s because I feel out of my element. I wouldn’t say I’m a control freak, but I would say that I’m right a lot and people should bow to my rightness. This is not a time where I can DO anything to fix anything. That’s unnerving. This weekend I shall focus on what I can control and try very hard to let go of the things that I cannot.


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