distancing day 14/sip day 2 thoughts:

1. Dear Diary, I have been trapped in my house for 14 days. Any joke I’ve ever made about how jail sounds like a vacation, I take it back, alright? I. Take. It. Back. I had to put myself in timeout today because I was acting stank to my fellow inmates. I ended up falling asleep because my sleep hours are whack. I usually go to bed at 730 and wake up at 5. My corona hours are 12/1/2? to 7/8. I have NEVER been a night owl, but night is the only time I get during this weird phase of life when everyone is away- upstairs in their beds. I still rely heavily on “only child time” for my sanity. I’m keeping wonky donkey hours and it’s not good for my attitude.

2. I spent several hours watching Tiger King this morning. I’m not even ashamed to say that. These corona times are ruleless. Not as ruleless as the big cat world, apparently, but ruleless just the same. This man is crazier than a shit house squirrel, but he’s so damn likeable. I have a few important questions and one important Meagan fast fact: Why do all of these people who claim to be so rich live in trailers? How much gin do you think the Sheriff goes through in an average month? Did anyone else kinda want to hug Don’s lawyer? Does anyone out there think that Carol DID NOT feed Don to the tigers? Anyone? As for the Meagan fast fact. Did you know I was REJECTED from VOLUNTEERING at a Big Cat Rescue in 2011? Thank God I escaped Kitty Waco.

3. It’s going to snow tonight and if Colorado were a person, I would punch it. The VERY VERY thin string that all of our sanity hangs by is outside time. I’m really thankful that our house now has a nice backyard. It’s even got a privacy fence which is good bc my kids are slobs. Military housing is always a toss up. If we were all crammed in our teeny tiny Monterey house during this, I’d be in a padded room without a doubt. I told Jerry that last night and he said “I didn’t like that our bedroom was so far away from the kids’ rooms.” First of all, the house wasn’t 1000sq ft. Second, they were much younger then. Right now, I’m sometimes wondering if I can get a bedroom at a whole other house.

4. On a positive note, all this time at home has allowed me to really tear it up in the kitchen (when I feel like cooking). Tonight I made pizza dough and tomorrow we will have the leftover dough as cinnamon rolls. Nothing to see here. Nobody is gaining nothin’.


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