distancing day 16/sip day 4 thoughts:

I heard that social distancing got extended to April 30th today. This is fine. Everything is fine. I think that means that my kiddos won’t be going back to school for the remainder of the year. I don’t know how I feel about this- I’m leaning towards really, exceptionally shitty. The one thing that I am thankful? for is that if we *know* we aren’t going back then we are forced to get into a new normal. Our new normal may be akin to being stabbed repeatedly in non-critical organs with sharpened old van cheese, but new normal with eventually be normal.

I am dangerously unprepared for tomorrow. I know there is an assembly at 9 and I know I have a checklist of things for them to do. Outside of that? We are gonna wing the Hell out of it. ZoomDance also starts tomorrow, so we are gonna get busy, busy again. BUT! Momma, the chauffeur, gets HOURS back not driving back and forth all over God and weed money’s creation.

Today we destroyed the kitchen with a culinary tour around the world. We made salsa, ravioli, and kimchi. The kids were pretty stoked about ravioli until they found out it had spinach. Record scratch! Garlic bread for dinner it is for 75% of the gremlins. We also attempted macarons, but that was nearly an expert level fail. The “feet” of the macarons were more like Ursula’s tentacles. Not only did we not get to eat the macarons, but everything in my kitchen is covered in a fine layer of powdered sugar that 6 families from now the tenants will still be cleaning.

There was also a considerable amount of outside time today. Marian and I went on an hour and a half walk. She climbed EVERY ROCK. Normally there is always someplace I gotta be or something I gotta do. Neither of those were a factor today and it was so wonderful to take a truly leisurely pace. I also learned that I may only have 10# dumbbells at my house, but I have a 35lb 6 year old that’s up for anything.

Jack and I walked for a while too. I asked him if he really understood what this was all about because he asked me today to go to the playground and if he could ask his friend to come out to play. He was mad at me both times I said no. Because I’m super mature, I told him he could talk to Governor Polis. I don’t make the rules, I’m just the enforcer. On our walk, he really surprised me with all he knew about viruses, but I could tell it was a lot for him to process. He’s still a kid and this is all SO BIG. I’m 36 and I’m messy about it all too. I mean, staying at home seems so simple- and it is- but it feels complicated and sudden even if it isn’t.


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