distancing day 18/sip day 6 thoughts:

The most productive thing I did today was wax my chin hair. Satisfying, yet unrefined.

THE call was made about school today. I am a sad bunny. As soon as I read it, I became immediately EXHAUSTED. I got all caught up on sleep for the first time in 10 years and leave it to the global pandemic to give me crushing, exhausting anxiety. Ain’t that the way?

Aside from the Children of the Corn picture I found on my phone today, nothing terribly entertaining or exciting happened.

I wish that every day’s update could be entertaining or happy. The fact is: sometimes it just can’t. Some days are sad. I hope one day to look back at this blog and remember how I felt no matter how ugly it is to feel it again. Today? I feel sick to my stomach and sad for my kids.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: This is weird and and overwhelming and sad and confusing. It’s ok to feel your shit. And it’s ok to tell other people when you feel your shit.


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