distancing day 21/sip day 9 thoughts:

3 full weeks at home. It’s going to feel weird when we are able to go out and about as we please again, ya?

1. You know how when you’ve been gone for a while and you come back home you can like smell your family’s stank conglomerate? I usually do some serious adjusting fires off of that smell when I walk in. Perhaps I never got rid of super pregnancy nose, but I think you all know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I can take one whiff and know someone forgot to flush the toilet, we left the lid to the washing machine open, we need to change the kitty litter, someone threw away vegetables in the trash can… etc. Not that anyone is coming over that I would be embarrassed if our stank conglomerate smelled funky, but I’m so nose blind right now, our house may smell so bad I’m gonna need Gordon Ramsay to come over and haze me when this is all over.

2. Alls I did today was clean and pay bills and other grown up bullshit. I’m finding that as my pace of life has slowed down, my tasks are taking longer. I swear I didn’t sit down all day until I sat to write this, but I did what I would normally do in an hour or 2. 3 max. I always wondered what my parents did all day in retirement to keep them busy. It turns out they’re doing all the same things they always did, but sloooooowwwweeerrr.

3. The sun came back out and I’m sitting on the front porch soaking it in as much as I can. I mean, I knew that I needed sun to be a happy person. I just didn’t realize how much I needed it until I’ve been trapped in my house that’s starting to feel like Buffalo Bill’s dungeon for as long as it takes a butterfly to go from egg through the goo stage all the way to being eaten by a bird.

4. We got new neighbors. I don’t know how many kids they have, but based on the size of the bus they’re driving I’d say many much chirrens. I can only imagine that trying to move right now was VERY STRESSFUL. I really feel sorry for them. Ya know. The old the needs of the Army/Air Force/Space Force trump the needs of people’s families to not get this teeny tiny little thing THAT SHUT DOWN THE WHOLE COUNTRY. Bruh. I am already in love with the mom though just from what I’ve heard from my front porch across 2ish streets. She was gonna be surprised when I made sure I had my bike helmet on too before I dared step out of the driveway.

5. The kids are making extreme hopscotch right now. Jack’s involves cartwheels and I have to play when I’m done writing. How do you feel about a 20 page blog today? I’m down with hopscotch, but I really want is him teach me dungeons and dragons during this time distancing time. I think we could all use a little escape from reality.


One thought on “distancing day 21/sip day 9 thoughts:

  1. Political responses to the outbreak may be wide-ranging. Some may fear that acting will hurt their local economy, while others may overreact. In 2014, during the Ebola outbreak, a teacher in Maine was placed on leave because he had traveled to Dallas, where an Ebola patient died in a hospital (the teacher had not visited the hospital). That same year, then-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie forced a nurse who had treated Ebola patients in Africa into quarantine. She never exhibited symptoms of the disease, and experts concluded she posed no risk. But the governor held her in isolation anyway. The nurse ended up suing the state, arguing her rights had been infringed on. We may not know what social distancing measures will come into place, but we can start preparing for them now.


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