distancing day 22/sip day 10 thoughts:

The weekend has been fun. I got lots of grownup boring stuff done and I got lots of playing in too.

1. Today I *think* I learned some version of Dungeons and Dragons. My DM wanted to give me a leg up so he would ask me questions about my character, let me answer them, and then tell me no that I was going to do this instead. Okie dokie. Jack has been watching the older kids play during recess. I’m not sure that makes him an actual official card-carrying DM, but it’s good enough for me. I have never played before, so IDK how much of the game is actually made up and how much of it was a Drew DM imagination special. I’d like to upgrade to playing a multi-player game with a different DM so I can play with Jack and maybe we can get a little more firm in the rules. All in all, I can see why people like it so much. Clara even hopped in for a bit. She wasn’t quite as amenable to Jack telling her about herself, so she didn’t last long. Even though D&D seems to mostly be about slaying dragons and shit, Mommy declared the D&D space a harmonious space- NO FIGHTING ALLOWED.

2. Welp. I’ve been at my house for a full 21. They (whoever they is) say it takes 21 days for someone to make a habit. I’m displeased to report, I’m still a flaming turd that hates working out at home and eats too much. That 21 days wasn’t THE 21 DAYS, I guess. Let’s try this again.

3. Yesterday I was rewarded with the best prize ever for doing laundry. Lazy Meagan from a month and a half ago put a brand new big pack of toilet paper on the clothes folding table (Hahahaha) and it promptly was forgotten about as it was obscured by towel mountain- which sounds like it could be a fun Disneyworld ride, but I assure you it is not. I decided yesterday I could no longer stand having to go grab a towel from downstairs before I shower and I folded them allllllll. It was a LOT of towels because we have been taking 12 baths a day collectively. Imagine my surprise when I found 36 beautiful rolls of my favorite toilet paper that I hate bought at Target weeks before the lockdown – back when you could things like hate buy your favorite toilet paper at your least favorite big box store, instead of pleading strangers outside 7/11 for an extra single roll. Not that I’ve done that, but I’ve heard stories. And you know as well as I do that if it’s on the internet, it’s true.

4. I’m ready going into the week ahead but I’m not happy about it. First, my kids cry on and off all day because they’re overwhelmed about school. That makes me sad and I feel helpless. Additionally, there is a truemor (true rumor) going around that the command team will be popping by peoples’ hoods to make sure they’re maintaining haircuts and stuff. Cool. The one singular redeeming factor in this whole ordeal was that me and my bra had an amicable breakup. Annnnnnnd back on it goes. Boo. Also, I now have to focus on keeping my downstairs from looking like Jurassic park AND keep my kids from running to the front door because it is obviously Santa waiting to give them all the Lysol’d down presents. I know they’re doing it because they care about Soliders, but this whole bra thing isn’t caring about me.


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