distancing day 23/sip day 11 thoughts:

Do you know what’s better than a full iPhone battery and nothing to do? Not a damn thing. I had a beautiful 34 seconds with my iPhone today.

1. Grammar is irrelevant in times like these. You’re getting whatever Siri, autocorrect, and my twisted up mind can come up with. I can’t be bothered to do things like correctly conjugate, I’m busy having an existential crisis.

2. On the bright side, I would not be able to spend this much time outside if April were normal. Colorado Springs spring vacillates between the most gorgeous weather you can imagine and weather that makes you question all your life choices up to this point. This week we are in a stretch of gorgeous weather and I am thoroughly enjoying my 10 foot allowable radius around my house.

3. I spent my morning cleaning up the house in case anybody stops by to check any haircuts. Meanwhile, one of my mole children discovered that the Harry Potter toy closet has layers and spent the equal amount of time digging down and throwing toys over her shoulder with wild abandon into the hallway and adjoining rooms. I can’t ever decide if I should keep trying or just let my house descend into absolute filth and chaos. Filth and chaos hasn’t won out yet- at least not for more than a day or two.

4. Do you know what you can’t do if you have a thigh gap? You can’t eat jelly beans out of your crotch trough while you hide from your kids. That’s what.

5. Speaking of candy, all of the people that I made from scratch (whether they look like me or not- ahem Marian) got my love of candy in the DNA roulette. I’m not saying that I’m bribing them with Haribo gummy bears to do their homeschool work, but I’m also not saying that I didn’t buy a 3lb bag of gummy bears for the express purpose of bribing my kids. Did it work? Yes. Will I do it again? Of course I will. Over and over and over again until the gummy bears or the motivation runs out.

6. Today was a relatively chill day on the school front. I helped Clara type some stuff, Jack and I did math, Mari and I read and played some math & sight word games. There are plenty of assignments to keep them busy, but we are on sanity rations. We didn’t rush to get everything done as soon as we could this morning and have kinda been picking at it all day in manageable chunks. It’s made it draaaaaaag out but only one person has cried and it was only for a second because of technology not cooperating. Winning!


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