distancing day 25/sip day 13 thoughts:

1. I have started to write this a few times but my brain is too tired and my synapses are misfiring. We spent the entire day outside. Like, THE ENTIRE DAY. It’s so good for the soul but so tiring for the brain. I also have one arm that is significantly more tanned than the other side. That should be cute if I ever get to see anyone again.

2. This afternoon I decided that I wanted to make crusty, rustic yummy homemade bread. Every recipe that could be made in an hour called for a Dutch oven. Jerry and I got a Dutch oven as a gift from our realtor when we bought our first house. Silly 23 year old Meagan who knew about buying houses but not about baking bread got rid of it a few years later. 36 year old Meagan who is stuck in the house with her 47 kids really wanted some rustic, crusty bread and thinks 23 year old Meagan is a dick.

3. The kids did their homework first thing this AM with only minimal tears. Whoever stopped poking my voodoo doll, I appreciate you. I don’t know if we are getting into a routine or if everyone has just surrendered. Either way, I really hope it continues even into the days ahead when the crappy weather arrives. The Drews are a solar powered people. The snow really pees in my Cheerios and Cheerios are already in short supply.

4. Speaking of short supply, I ordered some toilet paper off of Amazon before I found the toilet paper holy grail under towel mountain. I ordered industrial toilet paper and I assumed that we’d still be able to put it on the holder. I assumed wrong. They’re GIANT rolls with teeny tiny holes, but nobody in this family, me included, puts toilet paper on the holders anyway. Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers and I didn’t have to roll up to Walmart in a bunny suit (medical, not Easter) with brass knuckles to get some. We will make it work.

5. I think we are going to camp out this Friday in the backyard for Clara’s scouting requirement. I probably will be hunched over like Quasimodo for the better part of the weekend, but again, I ain’t seeing none of y’all so you can just remember me as my non-hunched self instead of whatever it is I will be after sleeping on the ground.

6. Lastly, I started watching “don’t f*ck with cats” last night on Netflix. I am still suffering from insomomnia and imagine I will be for the duration of all this togetherness. That’s right. I didn’t just misspell insomnia, I made up a new word: insomomnia. It’s for moms who just need a damn minute of quiet so they don’t sleep. Anyway, DFWC isn’t as crazy as Tiger King, but I’m fully digging this lady that straight up found a serial killer instead of going to therapy after a breakup. Why talk to somebody about your feelings when you could hunt down every type of light switch in Lithuania? There’s really no good reason, I suppose.


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