distancing day 26/sip day 14 thoughts:

I bet you thought I forgot. Ha. I did not.

1. This morning we enjoyed a relaxed and chill hourish before everyone set out to work on their various things. I was just sitting down and getting everything booted up when I yelled at everyone and nobody in particular “I HAVE TO POOPOO!!!! NOBODY TOUCH MY COMPUTER!” Jerry, simultaneously, was signing on to a conference call that I knew nothing about and was introducing himself. He’s been reporting any possible COVID symptoms up the chain of command for weeks so I’m sure nobody is surprised, but today they got to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

2. This time at home has reaffirmed that I am spiritually connected to WingStop ranch. Church? Online. School? Google Classroom now, mother fucker. Hiking? Nope. Gym? Not Toooday. Reading? Only if you like to read 1 page an hour because of interruption. WingStop Ranch? Right in my fridge waiting for me. That’s the kinda dedication I need in these uncertain times.

3. We committed to a dog today. Her given name is Four Piece Chicken Nugget and while that’s really catchy, we decided on Winnie Winter. Winnie the Drew- if you will. And, oh, I will. I went to the Humane Society with the explicit intent of adopting one of 2 border collies. When I arrived for my appointment, both of them were in the process of being adopted. I asked the gal if she thought any of the few dogs would be a good match for my family. She went back through the list of who was available and listed off “this one will eat your kids’ faces, this one will go running after a bunny and will drag you along behind it, this one will snatch a finger off if you touch his food, this one has been in and out of the shelter 3 times, this one will rip your cat from limb to limb.” Ok, so that’s a no. Just when I was about to turn, tuck tail, the puppy matchmaker told me there were some puppies. I asked the gal about those and she said that with such a big family and a cat – we might do well to raise a dog up from a puppy in and around our chaos. I felt like she had a point. So. I put a guarantee deposit on sweet 4 piece chicken nugget and NOT McRib (because they said he was a busybody). We have 2 ish more weeks until she is 2lbs and 8weeks. We are so very excited anda little nervous about sleepless nights.


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