distancing day 27/sip day 15 thoughts:

Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

It’s Fuck You Friday at my house. It’s not official or anything and I didn’t send out an Event invitation. I don’t even know how anyone can delineate one day from the next in this Groundhogs Day Hell, but my kids hate each other on Fridays. This week was really good- not without its hiccups, of course- but a positive, happy, kumbaya type experience. This morning everyone woke up and nobody was cool. No chill here.

The kids have been using my laptops all willy nilly and the one that I don’t use for work is broke as a joke. I’m thankful it was my non-work computer, but DAMN GINA. We got an unofficial 3 day weekend because I couldn’t figure out how to log on to google classroom/docs from the iPads and now they aren’t allowed to touch my work computer- the little destructos. I’m a millennial by the numbers but I’m a greatest generation by my technological ability. You have to know more about a computer than how to turn it on and off if you’re gonna crisis school. Oh well. It’s Good Friday anyway. Jesus wants us to mourn, not school. It’s in Leviticus.

I ended up taking an hour and a half walk today because the minute Jerry walked in from his well-being/haircut/making sure people hadn’t skipped town checks, I had to jet. The tattling today was on another level and we have already established that everyone hates everyone on Fridays and they want to tellllllll they momma all about it. Girl (and boy), bye. I left without really knowing where I was going, but the airport caught my eye pretty quickly after I got out of my neighborhood. I know Frontier is still flying. If I had had my wallet and my ID, I’d probably be on a plane to anywhere but here. Yes, germs. But, have you been in the house for one day short of a month with your entire family or nah?

It looks like it’s gonna rain now so I’m glad I walked when I did. It’s a beautiful place where I live and I’m very thankful that I get to still walk and enjoy nature. I’m home now, but the kids are still yelling at each other and fighting. I’m either too tired to care or have just reach the enlightened phase of parenting for a few hours where I know the kids are entitled to the entire human experience. If part of that human experience involves being an asself to your siblings, then so be it. (Thanks Ann for the reminder.) The fact that I know I have a grocery pick up at 4 and an opportunity to escape is doing wonders for my mood. Man how times have changed. I used to dream of massages and now I dream of grocery pickup.

We just sat down to watch Trolls World Tour. They weren’t allowed to turn it on until the den was clean. I don’t think I need to tell you who my favorite kid is today.

2 thoughts on “distancing day 27/sip day 15 thoughts:

  1. Lol! I’m not sure if I’d rather be you or me now. I envy people who have a houseful of people , but I guess I’m blessed that I have my solitude (ie peace and quiet) there’s something to be said for empty nesting. Anyway, back to work tomorrow, so I’ll have my own brand of chaos there. Keep blogging, you make my day! 😘


    1. It’s been such a good week. Like exactly how I wanted it to be while we are home. Idk why my kids all decided they hate each other today.


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