distancing day 28/sip day 16 thoughts:

We’ve been doing this for a full month now. I won’t dare say we seem to have gotten used to this because I know better and I’ve personally met Mr. Murphy. Still. Today was a good day.

1. I slept until 1030. WHAT!?!! And, I took another long walk today. I didn’t feel the need to run out of the house like it was on fire like yesterday. I just wanted to walk because SUNSHINE today and SNOW tomorrow. Welcome to Colorado. She has climate whiplash, but she’s pretty great and we love her anyway- at least today we do. I don’t know what my opinion will be Tuesday on day 3 of witch’s titty cold… you’ll have to ask me then.

2. We are supposed to wear a mask when we leave our yard for any reason: even exercise. I just brought it with me and put it on if I was near someone. Yesterday, I didn’t cross many people so I didn’t have to wear it much. Today, I wore it pretty much the entire walk. Note to self: don’t half-ass brush with hippy, dippy toothpaste before you’re forced to gag on your own doggie doodoo breath. Next time brush with mint flavored acid before a walk.

3. First thing after I woke up, Marian asked if she could get my old makeup (re: makeup I don’t use everyday) and do a makeup contest. I told her no initially. After thinking on it a second, I couldn’t actually come up with any good reason why they couldn’t and I amended my answer. Clara did Laurel’s makeup and Marian did mine. Laurel won the competition even though I think Marian’s actual makeup job was better. Laurel is just working with more natural beauty and far less fine lines turned craters when 8lbs of foundation are rubbed into them. Marian has decided on a temporary career of “makeup doering” when she is grown. We will refine her art lots between now and her future career moves.

4. I am pretty much a cruise director 363 days a year, but I HATE dyeing eggs and carving pumpkins with a passion. I had convinced the kids that dyeing eggs was a waste because we don’t come close to eating 12 or 18 boiled eggs before they go bad. This year, in the interest of food preservation, we all decided to forgo it. Then, my friend told me you can dye unboiled eggs on my post about how I was victorious over the egg dyeing this year. Um. I’m not really sure why I didn’t think of dyeing unboiled eggs, but I didn’t. So, I ate crow and we dyed eggs. I bought just food dye instead of those vinegar tab bastards and told them to set it up. I guess my kids are old enough to do that now… who knew? We ended up dyeing 54 eggs instead of the usually 18 max. I think that was a win. The kids were COVERED in food dye and it didn’t matter because we don’t have Church in church tomorrow. The pressure of not having my kids look like they strangled a Smurf in their Sunday best also made me hate it less. This might be one tradition that gets to stick around.


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