distancing day 29/sip day 17 thoughts:

Happy Easter!

1. The Easter Bunny had a Coronatine induced aneurism and brought playdoh. I believe she was thinking that the playdoh would keep the savages occupied since they’ve never been allowed to have playdoh at home before. Wrong. Or at least mildly wrong. I’m sure that grounding playdoh into the den carpet while I napped did keep them occupied. It also kept me occupied when I woke up from my Easter nap because I had to vacuum up a bunch of fluorescent playdoh and try and scrub melted mini Reese’s cups out of the carpet in front of the fireplace. Jesus is Risen and mom is in the floor scrubbing. It takes both to make an Easter.

2. All I did all morning was cook. We decided to eat Easter lunch instead of Easter dinner because we figured we would Easter overeat and those types of things are better to do at lunchtime. We had ham, scalloped potatoes, deviled eggs, green beans, and homemade bread. The homemade bread was the easiest recipe ever in the history of recipes and I still messed it up because I forgot the salt. I added it and rekneaded and I promise you it was the best bread I’ve ever had. My deviled eggs slayed (as usual) and I read a recipe for scalloped potatoes 3 or 4 days ago and winged the shit out of it – also FANTASTIC. My particular style of cooking is to read a recipe for a general idea and then do whatever the hell I want- I measure noth-thing. That’s likely why I temporarily screwed up the bread. My reading skills of recipes are a little lax and skippy. I may be flattering myself, but I am a little concerned one day my kids will ask me how to make something and I’ll be like UMMMMMM. Then again, the only thing that tastes the same twice at my house is Jambalaya and I have a recipe for that.

3. We watched Easter Church at home in our pajamas. That was wild. Easter is my favorite holiday. It’s just as much about Jesus (arguably more) than Christmas but without all the hype and spoiled rotten kids. Easter also ushers in Summer (my favorite!) whereas Christmas is all Winter and cold for months after. I wish I had been able to spend today with my family: Church, chosen, and given. In the scheme of life it’s just one Easter of hopefully many and we will be able to look back and realize that we did a hard thing because it was the right thing. I don’t imagine it will always be like this. I already ate crow about dyeing eggs. I really hope I don’t eat crow about distancing day 394 or whatever next Easter.

4. We are headed into the 3rd full week of crisis school tomorrow. I’m not stoked. Last week we straight up just ceased work if people started crying. Mental health is the priority right now. The end. I’m so thankful that our school supports that and is giving us grace to get through this the best we can. The kids didn’t want to do too many zoom meetings last week. I’m letting them decide whether they need that connection or if it’s upsetting to them. As military kids, I think they’re sort of advantaged in that they’re used to disassociating from comforts. Gawd, that’s depressing, isn’t it? April *is* the month of the military child. Cheers to these resilient kiddos. Below are pictures of my youngest two dandelions- the official flower (WEED- rude) of the Military child. Boy, that took a hard left, didn’t it? Oh well. That’s where my brain is right now. My kids are used to leaving schools, teachers, friends they love and hunkering down with no one to play with but each other. They are not used to also having to try and figure out how to do school while they’re processing their sad things. So, while they’re used to sucky, it’s still hard. I’m looking forward to returning to complete and total familiarity when we can set the schooling portion aside for a few months- no matter how wonderful our school is being about it. And. I’d vote they’re one of the best.


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