distancing day 30/sip day 18 thoughts:

It’s snowy here. Snow is gross. Full stop.

1. I went for a walk today in the snow just because this is the way I have picked to self care. Self-care don’t care about snow. It was pretty cold but not so bad once I got going. I was going to try to walk for 20 minutes, but ended up walking for 50. I am a sufferer from the aptly named SAD or seasonal affective disorder. Snow/dark days are hard on me. Going for a walk today and soaking up the sun that I can really helped me today. Normally I wouldn’t walk unless it is at least 40°, but WW is going to need to walk no matter what the weather. I was just training up for my puppy girl. You can teach an old dog new tricks. It’s me. I’m old dog.

2. Laurel just accidentally stabbed me in the eyebrow with a ketchup fork. I fully freaking do not get paid enough to be stabbed in my line of duty. It’s 5:03 and I really just want to go to my warm, soft bed and away from stabby sugar tomato sharp objects. I would also like to be away from bubble wands beatdown batons and indoor cartwheels and handstands. The first battle royale took place before 9am and involved Maslow Hierarchy of Needs-ing out over leftover green beans despite the fact there are 4948574 choices of breakfast foods in this house. Cease fire, kids. Cease. Fire.

3. Today wasn’t a snow day but it was a slow day. I slept in a smidge and I also might have hid in my room for a while after I woke because it was quiet and I like quiet. We did the bare minimum of educating today but we did do the Hogwarts escape room. The math part stumped me and Jack and just furthered proved that I am woefully inadequate at teaching math. God bless Sal Khan. I hope they have a golden quadrilateral welcome sign for him at the Pearly gates when it’s his time. Healthcare workers, Sal Khan, and WiFi are the heroes of this quarantine.


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