distancing day 31/sip day 19 thoughts:

It’s been a full month of this no matter what month is your metric. Except January. Everybody knows January has 84 days.

1. Some of the kids felt up to Zoom meetings today. I have to wonder if there has been enough space between the stress of leaving early and now so that they feel ok about it. I won’t pretend to understand my kids’ minds, but I know that it’s enough “normal” now that it all feels less traumatic to me. Laurel finally got stoked about Zoom ballet and did really cute for about 10 minutes before she second position, first position, second position bounced up on out. Marian is inside taking her place. Laurel’s costume will probably fit Marian, which is good because Marian will know the recital dance and Laurel will have no clue. Shame too because Laurel is an excellent booty shaker.

2. The weather is nice again today and the kids are outside playing sweetly with each other and I am so glad. Two of my kids were rubbing each other the wrong way this AM and the constant fighting was about to set me a drinkin’ at 10am. I don’t have anymore beer or wine and I was going to be forced to turn to the hard stuff. Coronatine is Vegas rules. I already lost all my money. I’ll drink when I want. With this many kid personalities in one house, there is always somebody fighting with somebody. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I do not understand the appeal of being a butthobbit to your siblings and being in turmoil constantly, but you do you, offspring. You do you.

3. I had to break my walk up into two parts to accommodate grocery pickup and zoom-ing. I love grocery pickup and I love leaving my house, so I did not mind the walk disruption. The thing I do not love is the new grocery bill that accompanies all this togetherness. The only person that eats 3 squares at home unless it’s summer is me. We got 284 people eating 3 squares and umpteen snacks and the grocery bill cries along with me. I tell the kids everyday to USE YOUR SCHOOL STOMACH, but they do not. Jerry doesn’t use his work stomach either and I definitely don’t use my chauffeur stomach.

4. Since I have an out of town number, I always, always answer 719 numbers and never ever answer 915 numbers. I got two calls from 719 numbers today. Both times I was HYPE that they were calling to tell me to come and get Winnie Winter. Neither time was that. It’s probably just as well because I placed a Chewy order last week but won’t have it for a few more days- week at best. It’s kinda exciting not knowing when we will get the call. I had scheduled c sections with all of my kids- though Clara picked her birthday a little bit- so I’ve never *really* had the thrill of knowing a new family member was coming but not knowing when. I like this excitement considerably better when there isn’t an alientype trying to rearrange my internal organs with alternating knee and elbow strikes.

5. I had an e-run-in with a person today that called me a bitch. I’ll admit that I might have been towing the thin line to bitchy town in defense of my friend. This is just a friendly reminder that you won’t ever bend someone to your will by getting in a Facebook argument- especially not if you insult them in a bullying technique. Seems like a silly reminder, but this lady needed it today. I’m trying to remember, and I am sure you are too, that this is a weird time for everyone and it’s extra electric because it’s closing in on an election and people may or may not agree with how things are being done. I would encourage you to give grace but don’t take people’s shit.


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