distancing day 33/sip day 21 thoughts:

1. I often refer to myself as Type I for “I don’t care” and for the most part that’s absolutely true. I found the one singular thing on Gods earth that made me so type A that I’m pretty sure my skin almost crawled off my body. Enter: stained glass back door window. I don’t follow recipe directions well and I used bubble solution instead of dawn dish soap and water. The paint was gloopy but also would just fling all over creation. There was paint on the ceiling, paint on the walls, paint on the floor, paint in the cracks, paint on the doorknob, paint on the kids, paint on my soul. It was streaky and running and colors were mixing and JESUS COME BACK AND TAKE ME HOME AND LET ME LEAVE THIS ART PROJECT HERE. I was hoping that the stained glass look would obscure the window enough that I could walk around pantless and not need to put the curtain back up. It did not. Also, the paint smells really, really, really bad. Now my house smells really, really, really bad. Can’t open the windows because SPOILER ALERT: it’s snowing again.

2. I told y’all I was going to pierce my ears today. However, I learned something about myself today- and, no, it was not that I am afraid of needles. I was going to pierce a second hole, but when I went to mark the spot I noticed what looked like my old, old, old second hole was still there. No way. I probably hadn’t put an earring in that hole in 12 years. Guess what? There is still a hole there. It took a little wiggle work but I got an earring in both. No new piercings for me, but I’m working those old ones. Now I gotta figure out my earring aesthetic. When I’m feeling settled, I’ll circle back.

3. Winnie the Drew’s crate got set up today. I don’t know when we are going to get her still, but I figured she might get a bit overwhelmed with this 6 ring circus and will want somewhere to go when she comes home. I feel like everyone deserves a safe space, even the artist formerly known as 4 piece chicken nugget. I ordered the full-size crate for her and put in the divider. The kids couldn’t believe she’d be that big one day! I also ordered her seatbelt this afternoon and her bowls, leash, collar, and name tag should be arriving soon. Now we just need our baby!

4. Snow can eat my butt.


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