distancing day 35/sip day 23 thoughts:

I had to reregister to vote today. Apparently me not voting in state/county/city elections of El Paso county, TX kicked me out. I’m glad I checked because baby, I’m VOTIN’ in this one. You might want to check yours: http://www.vote.org or if you’re military affiliated: http://www.overseasvotefoundation.org/vote/home.htm

1. I had not gotten punched in the face by allergies this year, until today. I was out on my self-care walk and about half way through my nose dripped, my face itched, my head ached, and I couldn’t stop sneezing. I finished my walk anyway cause I’m no quitter, but I came home and scrubbed from hair to my toenails. I also took a benadryl and crashed for 3? hours. It may have been longer or shorter, my brain gets lost in Jeremy Bearimy when I take Benadryl. If you got that reference, give yourself 3 homeschool As.

2. I did see Air Force One and VP Pence getting off when I was on my walk. I was pretty surprised because there wasn’t much fanfare. When the President flew in last time, it was a circus getting around. Maybe the secret service doesn’t like him as much. Christmas Bonuses are important in times like these. I’m just saying.

3. I forced the kids to go down and see Air Force One parked today. They didn’t understand why I was making them leave Minecraft to go and see just another parked plane- living on an Air Force Base has made them desensitized to coolness. I ended up directing them to the car and explaining that not everyone has seen Air Force One IRL and definitely not everyone has seen it parked a quarter mile from their house.

4. That’s really all I did today. Lots of Presidential type things, and walking, and napping. I was glad for a sloooowww day. It’s not like any of them recently have been jam-packed, but deliberate rest is good for the soul.


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