distancing day 37/sip day 25 thoughts:

It’s the Winnie edition!

Hello, my baby. Hello, my honey.
Hello, my ragtime, wintertime gal.

1. Winnie Winter came home today! The first time I ever saw her in real life is when they brought her out to me. She is the freaking cutest. There is not a chance that she is all Australian Cattle Dog but you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit. A few. Ahem. All of my children have taught me this lesson and been taught this lesson. I don’t really care as she is already the best, goodest doggo and I have a trainer on call-ish (she’s on Island time in Hawaii), so on call/on call after 12. Winnie did NOT eat anyone’s face, but the reindeer slippers are her mortal enemy. She definitely needs more toys because hers is a playful one. I got home with her around 230 and she has only napped maybe 30 min total since then.

1b. She has green eyes. I can’t think that I’ve ever seen a dog with green eyes before. Jerry has hazel (green/brown) and I have the palest blue. All 4 of my human chirrens have green though Clara’s are rarely DARK GREEN too. My cat has my color eyes and now my dog has joined the green eyed ranks. They’re BEAUTIFUL though. She also has the softest coat. That’s part of the reason why I knew she wasn’t all heeler, they’re more wirey… listen, I don’t know what the politically correct dog word is for that so just accept that you know what I’m talking about and let’s go with that. Anyway, Winnie is super duper soft. Her coat smells a little weird because she’s been not here with us, so we shall bathe her tomorrow. There was already so much going on here today I couldn’t bring myself to bathe her too.

1c. This is the part you’ve probably all been waiting for: Winnie and dem kids. I briefed the offspring on appropriate handling of WW all morning long. We went over it 2000 times- that’s a conservative estimate. They did really well when I first brought her in and then all Hell broke loose. The boy man child realized that the dog was not a video game, someone playing a video game and narrating it, nor was she a animated show about teen angst and he was duly unimpressed. Clara was very helpful and mature and tickled pink. Marian was um… handsy. Every time I turned around she was picking up the dog. She just loves Winnie so freaking hard, man. Laurel was squeally and mostly reasonable. The kids were for real for real stressing me out today. I know they were excited and stuff, but damn. I think I said “put her down!” as many times an hour as I have to say “mute your line” on these zoom calls. Moscow hasn’t seen her and we didn’t force an introduction. He just came down for the first time all day and was like REALLY MA? but he didn’t hiss or make his raccoon tail thing that he does. They’ll meet eventually but the curmudgeon cat doesn’t really come downstairs much except at 4-5am when he wants you to feed him. I assume he uses the litter box sometimes too because it needs changing and cleaning and I don’t find wet spots elsewhere but he may be a poo Houdini. Moscow Drew: cat of mystery.

2. My inner fanny is bruised from the bike riding. You DO remember how to ride a bike. You DO NOT remember the pain you will feel on your inner buttocks thigh. That’s definitely anatomically correct, look it up. I went on another ride with the kids today and thought we were gonna have to turn right around but I eventually got numb or something because I PeeWee Herman’d all over the mean streets of Pete. Laurel lasted a little longer than an hour before she demanded a “half strawberry/half blueberry smoothie. Strawberry on the bottom.” I was impressed. Not sure how this bike riding thing will work with the new baby in tow, but I hear crate time is happy time if you wear them out first. I think I should wear her out with a walk with Mommy! But, if not, there are PLENTY of people here for her to play with.


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