distancing day 38/sip day 26 thoughts:

After the first half of the day, I am confident that I know exactly the stress level the Captain of the Titanic felt when there was a gaggle of violinist playing everyone out and only half enough life boats.

1. I did not sleep well last night but it wasn’t Winnie’s fault. I haven’t been sleeping well anyway since this whole nut roll started-corona virus not Winnie. On the plus side, I did discover around 3am (when I hadn’t slept at all) that I could remove the pillows from the back part of the couch and it would be wide enough for me to sleep on my stomach. Stomach sleepers can’t just got back to side sleeping all willy nilly. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve slept on the couch only to wake up all achy and breaky. Why the heck it didn’t dawn on me before I will just chalk up to rotting, atrophying mommy brain. The important thing is that I know now. Tonight I’m taking a half a melatonin at every sleep interval and hope that it knocks me the frick outtttt. Winnie Winter slept a LOT today. I know she will even out sometime in the coming weeks, but I’m just very thankful that we didn’t do day 2 of the energizer bunny dog. I thought for sure keeping up with her was going to kill me. ESPECIALLY on hospital quality newborn sleep.

2. You know how the phrase momnesia is a little tongue-in-cheek for “that really sucked and you got far enough away from it that your PTSD stuffed it down or you selectively forgot it.” WHALE. well. WHALE. I had terrible momnesia about what the most insane part about being home a new baby canine or otherwise is- the kids cannot keep their paws off of it! Keeping the kids from slinging Winnie the Drew around like a rag doll is a full time job. So far, *knock on wood* the puppy stuff hasn’t been hard, it’s the exhausting supervision of the humans who just love her soooooo much that they must squeeze her til her beautiful green eyeballs pop out that’s about to do me in. I made a vet appointment for Winnie tomorrow morning for a general wellness check and honestly- I’m thankful she’s gonna have some time with just me. She is probably thankful too! We love all our helpers and are thankful for them but also- whew.

3. I didn’t take my mental health walk today or yesterday and I’m feeling it. I gotta figure out how to take WW with me because training at this age should really be only 5-10 min max. We did walk with her today and she was very good at heel. I got an easy walk collar and she didn’t even want to pull. When she got too far ahead, I just stopped dead in my tracks, waited for her to sit, and we continued on. She’s a clever clogs. Still, I need to walk for like an hour for mental health and ole’ tiny legs Drew doesn’t have that kind of stamina. Clara is doing amazing watching for cues and taking her out when she needs to go. I will eventually be ok leaving her with the kids (and Jerry while he works), but that day is not today and Momma requires sunshine. Besides, I need to socialize the not Australian cattle dog dog. Re: show her off.

Well, I guess it’s officially official now.

4. I made dinner earlier while the puppy was distracted. I was apparently also distracted because I didn’t salt my cucumber kimchi! The hell?!? I have made kimchi hundreds of times and while I don’t exactly use a recipe- salt is like the basic ingredient. I went to taste it for quality control- ya know- and YICK. I ended up washing my cucumber and just starting over. Probably wasn’t the ideal way to make kimchi but we are having bulgogi and I’m not wasting 6 cucumbers. I also have cabbage so I could make cabbage kimchi but that’s requires stamina that we have already established I do not have today.

5. This whole distancing day x/sip day x thoughts is going away soon and back to just distancing day x. Colorado is going to Step 1 called Safer At Home next Monday. I read the order?/suggestion?/waste of recycling paper? and I’m not terribly clear on what is happening. I know school won’t meet back for the year. And I know more businesses will eventually be able to open up with social distancing measures. That sounds like a logistics nightmare. I do know Colorado has done a really excellent job so far keeping our numbers down- even in the more densely populated cities. I hope this doesn’t send us careening backwards. I fear that a premature opening and subsequent reclosing would crush businesses more than this already has crushed them. I personally know 3 people who have lost people to this virus and it’s cruel and non-discriminating. I am thankful the Drew crew has a new addition to help and keep us home as things start opening up. After all, home is where your puppy is.


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