distancing day 40/sip day 28 thoughts:

1. This has been the longest day of my entire life. Ok, maybe not as long as some of the days when Jack and Clara were both toddlers and just wrecking shit all the live long day, but loooooong. It’s day 40 and I’m pretty sure we have firmly established that I’m not going to learn how to play the clarinet, or take up tennis, or even really do that great of a job at keeping up with my housework. I am BOREEEEEDDDD. If this were like proper summer- well, I’d be screwed because none of my summer clothes fit- but we’d be running all over town. I freaking love hanging out with these kids in the summer. I have thought many, many, many times about homeschooling and almost always think it nonstop the first few weeks of school because I miss them so much. TL,DR: today was boring. I miss hiking, and shopping, and the gym, oh my.

2. Y’all. Clara will not stop doing cartwheels and handstands in the house. I keep waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of a closet and tell me I’m on punk’d, but that would not be socially responsible distancing and Hollywood is all bout it bout it. Clara has kicked things out of my hands, pictures off the walls, people in the head, heel struck windows. I’m always on edge waiting for her to knock out someone’s not baby teeth or as I affectionately call them “teeth I have to pay for.” When Clara was little (and before we discovered her sleep apnea) I referred to her as Tina Turner because she would fling her head back and forth like Ms. Turner in Rollin’ on the River. It used to set me on edge then, but now I feel like I’m d-line for the world’s worst football team.

3. The green eyed mini Winnie and I took a walk today. She walked more on her leash even today. She walks, rests in the backpack, walks, rests in the backpack, walks. It took some techniques to get her going to actually walk because she’s learning and seeing and smelling and hearing all new things. I just have to be firm and patient and she will be the best hiking partner a gal could ever ask for. Our walk wore her out completely and she slept most of the afternoon. While she was napping on me and I was mindlessly flipping through Facebook, I ran across the story about Winnie’s mom. Someone found her on the side of the road and she came in with 7 pups. 3 of them didn’t make it, but I’m so thankful that Winnie did! She looks to be one of the bigger of the bunch- bigger even than her brothers. The Drews are always the giants-even the canine Drews. Anyway, I have a picture of her mom so I *think* I can definitively say she is at least a good chunk cattle dog. Jerry and I looked at the pictures of her and her litter mates and she is absolutely the cutest, cause duuuuh, but they’re all pretty cute. (She’s the purple collar.) I recently learned that momma dogs can get pregnant by several deadbeat dog dads and the litter can come out looking like a puppy smorgasbord. I feel like that’s not something I should know but it’s definitely something I’m surprised I didn’t know. Yikes. THOTs.

Same, Winnie’s mom. Same.

4. The weather this next week will be in the mid 80s and *i*am*here*for*it*. Clara finished up her last official writing assignment today and Jack’s are all laid out on the table for me to help him get into Google docs tomorrow. We may have that water slide poppin’ (figuratively, not literally) all day e’reday. I may even lay my beached whale ass out on the lawn chair and soak up rays on all my Lever 2000. Today was kinda dreary for parts of the day and it made me so sleepy and just zapped up all my energy. Rude.


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