distancing day 43/sip day 31 thoughts:

I haven’t gone this many days in a row without makeup since I was an infant.

1. How come every time I eat anything in my house someone is staring at me? My kids have a designated snack cabinet, access to every thing we have in the whole house, and, yet, whatever I decide to eat for lunch- the kids stare at me like they had no idea we had it in the house and I am some kind of double grocery agent. I’m not a self conscious person but little eyes staring you down while you eat some Doritos or even an apple is about to send me running like Forest Gump right outta here- I’ll wear my mask. I mean there *have* been times that I’ve hidden food from my kids but I waited til they were asleep or escaped to the laundry room to eat it. Duh.

2. Wee Winnie Winter and Laurel were not getting along today. Winnie has decided that she does not enjoy being picked up and set down in such a way that she rolls over. Go figure. Laurel has decided that the only way she knows how to love her is to pick her up and set her down like a little puppy triple salchow. This has caused an impasse. Also adding to the excitement is that Laurel (ok, all of the December born children) doesn’t ever pay attention to where she’s going and she might have shuffled into her kidneys once or twice while Winnie was just trying to take a nap. It must be a Sagittarius thing. Laurel and Winnie are the main effort this week. WW and I practiced walking again today. She is a tentative walker and she has a short attention span but she’s still new. One day when the world isn’t so big and she isn’t so tiny, I’m sure she will get the hang of it. I have also acquired a clicker. It’s hanging from my bra strap, so in case you were wondering if I could get any classier- the answer is no. I also may smell like chicken for the rest of my life: mind ya business.

3. I cleaned for 3 hours this morning and then my kids made pancakes for lunch. Love the independence. Do not love the fine flour mist that’s on every surface. I am always in such a better mood when my house is clean, but there’s people that live here besides me. And before you say “but they can help you clean” – they do. On nice days, I’d rather them be outside playing because then things get overcast and yucky and we spend the nice weather cleaning and then everyone is yelling at each other and angry because they’re still stuck in the house that is now clean but covered in a fine layer of flour.

4. I had to do a second grocery pickup in 2 days because apparently now the thing to hoard is dishwasher packs. Y’all don’t do me like that. Please. I can wipe with mismatched socks and I won’t complain. I can clean up spills with towels. I can order metric tons of yeast. I will even get my children to create a mill for flour out of a Kiwi Crate Kit. I know that I CAN wash dishes by hand, but y’all will have to come and visit me in the padded room when you’re released from captivity OR I’m going to have to figure out how to cook on paper plates. I can’t do this. I won’t be able to go on like this.


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