distancing day 44 thoughts:

Today is the first day of Safer At Home. I’m not even sure how things are different now. But, ehhhh, let’s slap a new name on it and do the dang thing.

1. I started the morning getting VERY bad news that my dishwasher pods were not available through my King Soopers order. I allowed myself a few moments of panic and then decided on an Instacart order from Costco. I was able to secure the dishwasher pods after I sent my shopper a text and let her know I did not care what form the dishwashing soap came in- I just NEEDED dishwashing soap. My dishwashing soap and my metric ton of strawberries were waiting on my front porch when I arrived home from my King Sooper pickup. 2020 is wild. I guess I now have no excuse not to cook.

2. I have been carrying canned chicken around in a ziplock bag in my bra all day long. Winnie is a smart girl and her treat of choice is this canned body temperature chicken so running the danger of being mauled by wolves for the foreseeable future is a risk I’m willing to take. She went on a LONG walk today for a puppy with short little legs. She just needed someone to follow. She had already been on a car ride and had a few training sessions before the walk even started. I was shocked to see she had enough energy. This dog and I are gonna hike all the things.

3. I cut the bejeebus out of myself the other day allllll up and down my leg. I’m almost positive I needed stitches but I didn’t snitch on nobody and I’m not going anywhere near an emergency room unless something is hanging off my body that shouldn’t be. I ordered some triple antibiotic ointment at King Sooper and I’m trying to doctor it at home. If I die from lockjaw, y’all make sure my death certificate says LOCKJAW not Covid-19. 1918 diseases are making a comeback, I hear. You might also be able to list “listening to every Minecraft fact” as secondary cause of death. I’ll leave that up to you.

4. We had Chipotle-esque burritos bowls (technically plates) for dinner. I thought they’d be a big hit. They were AFTER everyone looked at me really confused when I just started plopping random stuff on their plates. Ok, so they’re not as pretty as Ebola meat, but my salsa is excellent and my plop pile is delicious. Honest.


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