distancing day 47 thoughts:

Day 47 got me out here like Drake because I am in my feelings.

Tomorrow is the last day of Mommy Crisis School. We will take a week or two to get some distance from this emotional disruption and then we will dip our toe in Mommy Summer School work. I’m sure there will be zero resistance. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next school year. Shit. I don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow. No matter what happens in August: the kids and I set goals for this summer months ago and we will do our best to meet them. After all, we have 121 days and a wide open calendar. I live all year for summer. I love swimming, hiking, playing, adventuring, and generally hanging with my teeny squad. I mean. We can still do some of that stuff, but the hype and the relief of “we made it” is kinda missing, especially because I don’t feel like we’ve “made” anything. Summer is still the slower pace we all need to regroup and reset. Summer is when we give ourselves permission to just be and just be together. What better year for it?

2. The water slide went up today. The girls (including Winnie) have been outside alllllll day long. We used sunscreen but they’re still a little pink- pink like cherubs, not pink like lobsters. I never knew altitude would make such a difference in getting that melanin poppin’ until we moved here. Jack came outside too but he didn’t want to get wet. He ended up splaying out on the trampoline and soaking up sun. Then, he went and took a nap. My 10 year old took a nap. That must be his first nap in years. If the sun absorption wasn’t restorative enough, the nap surely did it. He woke up in a better mood than he’s been in for weeks. I don’t know how the girls are still putting one foot in front of the other because I just sat outside with them and I’m hardly upright. Winnie has completely ceased to function and is passed out in her crate with the door wide open. She loves to be outside and is starting to ring her bell just to go outside to play. Someone is always outside here, so out she goes. Even the adopted Drew is solar powered.

3. I joined TikTok today. If I ever post a video of myself, someone needs to come over here and check my brain because I most certainly have a tumor. That’s not to say that 36 year old moms of 4 have no business on TikTok, I just HATE to see myself on camera. I don’t even like to FaceTime because I can’t concentrate on what the other person is saying for staring at myself and wondering who let the troll in the house. Anyway, TikTok is endlessly entertaining. I laughed harder watching some of these videos than I have in ages. TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving for people with short attention spans like moi.

4. Y’all would NOT believe the amount of dead grass that I had to vacuum up today. I probably could have made a hell of a ghillie suit with some super glue and determination and had a place to hide to nap in plain sight every afternoon. I don’t know if my grass will ever grow back. Every day I look around and I feel like I have Scrooge McDuck eyeball dollar signs because we are gonna have to pay to resod this, repaint that, replace this. I love my Government housing, but most days you can absolutely tell it was built by the lowest bidder.


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