distancing day 48 thoughts:

School is out for summer and we played today and we ate chocolate cake and we spent time together. It has been a great day.

1. It’s super windy outside, but, also, I want to eat all the candy. I love the environment so instead of letting my candy wrappers blow all over, I keep sticking them in my bra. My left boob is like the trash can at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

2. Winnie Winter has very reliably rung the bell to go out and do her business the last few days. I am able to relax my supervision of her a bit and she’s getting a little more freedom. Hopefully it’s not a fluke and she keeps it up. She’s been playing super hard and sleeping super hard during the day as she settles in to the family. I wish we had some cattle for her to herd but the children will have to do. I don’t think they mind.

3. It’s Friday night movie night. We are introducing the kiddos to Napoleon Dynamite. They think it’s both ridiculous and hilarious. Excellent.


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