distancing day 49 thoughts:

Easy like Sunday morning is not a thing. Easy like Saturday morning is totally a thing. The rhythm isn’t as nice, but easy like Saturday morning is way better. Trust.

1. We didn’t do much of anything today besides spend time together. The girls and I took Winnie on a few walks. When I walk Winnie alone she refuses to go unless we are walking home. When the girls come, she will walk to Australia wagging her little tail. She loves to herd them.

2. I got a nap today while Marian watched the dog. I’m still waking up 1 time a night to take out WiWi. It doesn’t take long to take her out but interrupted sleep for weeks will do you dirty. I haven’t had a nap since Winnie came home. I slept so hard that I think I was transported to another dimension. You ever wake up and not know what day, year, or place you’re in? Imagine my disappointment when I remembered it’s 2020 and the only outings I take are to Walmart pickup. Still, the nap was everything.

3. This week will be all about planning Clara’s birthday. It’s her Golden Birthday (she’s turning 9 on the 9th). We had planned to do a giant party for her with all gold e’rethang, child. Coronatine kinda tarnished that plan. I’m still trying to figure out how to make her birthday special. We live on base so we can’t exactly do a drive by birthday celebration. Maybe I’ll take her out for a birthday parade by friend’s houses and she can sit and wave like the badass Queen she is. The one thing I have decided on was balloons in her room all over the floor for when she wakes up and a “laser” obstacle course down the hallway out of birthday streamers. Anybody have any other ideas?


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