distancing day 50 thoughts:

50. FIFTY. Fitty. Fif-ty. Yuck.

1. It simultaneously feels like it’s been FORRRRREEEEEEEEVVVVEEER, but also 50 days. Wow. That was fast. I’m very thankful the school portion is over for the summer only because it just takes some of the pressure off. I will be really interested to see how this week goes with the more relaxed pace. I’m not sure how we could really relax our pace more than we already had and still have a pulse or fog a mirror, but let’s see, let’s see.

2. I don’t even know where today went, but I know I got birthday balloons from grocery pickup, had a zoom meeting, walked Winnie 2x, gave Winnie a bath, watched thirty leven danced on the trampoline, and rearranged the furniture in 3 rooms to make room for mine and Jerry’s new King Size Bed. It doesn’t sound like much yet it took all day. The King size mattress should be arriving tomorrow and I.am.thrilled. WaaWaaWuWaa King in the castle. Jerry and I have had a Queen size bed since we got married. With 4 kids of which are 75% crappy sleepers, we usually have a bed full and I’m hanging off like I’m on a rock face. Marian and Laurel got the Queen size and Jack got the Full size. It was a complete bed swap over here to-day. Marian and Laurel have the smallest bedroom but somehow rearranging it with a bigger bed gave them more play space. Defying physics since 2007.

3. Y’all. I want to sleep for at least a hundred years. Somebody bring me a poison apple. I’ll eat it. Somebody bring me a spinning wheel. I’ll poke it. I do not know how it’s humanly possible for me to be tired like this when I haven’t really *done* anything. Maybe the better question is why aren’t the kids tired?!? Is this what being an adult is? Lame.

4. The Winnie Winter is trying her model legs on for size. She’s getting to be alllllll leg. I was a little concerned that I was going to be getting a squatty non- hiking type dog when we first brought her home. Over the last 2 weeks her legs have gotten longer and longer and longer and longer by the minute. Her eyes have been getting greener too and her white fur is getting more and more cattle dog spots. She is an enigma for sure. They haven’t even started processing her blood sample and it takes 2-3 weeks for results, so I won’t know about her roots for quite some time. Lucky for her, I fall in love with her more by the second even if she is a complete and utter momma’s girl and teetees on the floor if she can’t see me when it’s time to go. She’s doing very well with her bell training, but if the door is open she will stare right at the open door and pee. What. The. Hell. She might need an inside bell too or a life sized cardboard cut out of her mother. Our house has been lacking that certain je ne sais quoi… nothing a 5’8” Meagan cutout with a chicken scented chest can’t fix.


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