distancing day 54 thoughts:

I started off the day kinda grumpy. I mostly turned it around and then ended up grumpy again- but it was my fault.

1. Today is the day that family was going to start arriving for the great golden birthday/ballet production/First Communion extravaganza. I haven’t seen my family since December and I haven’t seen Jerry’s family since July. Both suck. Side note: If you live near family, you have no idea how lucky you are and not just because you likely have a babysitter sometimes. I would give my left arm to have my family and Jerry’s family around. I don’t complain about it much because there isn’t shit I can do to change it, but I was about to get lots of quality time with our family and now I’m not. It was our party and I’ll pitch a fit if I want to. I’m also convinced that the Church is gonna reschedule First Communion for a time when our family can’t come because everyone else’s family is in town. We did everyone’s Baptism (except Red’s) just us because it’s important and we wanted to get it done. I don’t want to do Jack and Clara’s First Communion with just us. They worked 2 years for this! See? Pity party is the only kinda party I was having today.

2. For someone who is constantly wearing a mask where you can only see my eyes, I should really take better care of my eyebrows. I have been waxing them when they go full bushman, but I’m not even bothering with the in between. I look like that lady from Dodgeball. #aesthetic

3. Winnie Winter had a Drs appointment today. She has alla the allergies like her momma. I had to buy some special shampoo where 3 unscented squirts and a whiff of air is $24. I hope it makes her sensitive skin feel better. She did well at her appointment and she even walked all around PetSmart with me. It was BIG DOG day at PetSmart. She met 2 GIANT German Shepards. Their Daddy said “oh! That’s a baby! Be sweet. Her name is court date because that’s what we are gonna have if you eat her” and I laughed and laughed as I casual like picked up Winnie so she didn’t, in fact, get eaten. Winnie also met a 115lb 7month old English Mastiff. He was easily the biggest dog I’ve ever seen. He was very sweet with Winnie and she lurve’d him. Winnie is 1/10th his weight but they would have been best friends forever if I had let his momma take her home. His name was Chunk. Fitting. Winnie did not get her usual long afternoon nap today because of her appointment. She has had a case of the bitchies all afternoon because of it and her final act of defiance was looking me right in the eyes while she peed on the floor. I bet Chunk didn’t pee on the floor at his house- which is a good thing because I saw him pee and it was the size of a small pond.

4. Clara figured out today that she can make movies on her tablet. That kept her busy most of the day and she made a 3 minute movie. I haven’t seen it yet but it’s about Hermoine and Harry Potter falling in love. Don’t tell JK Rowling. Tomorrow I’m going to blow her mind and teach her how to use my video editing software that I use for work. Marian spent a better part of the day trying to catch butterflies even though I told her repeatedly that even if she caught one that we can’t keep it. We came to a compromise and she stopped running after butterflies and I bought some caterpillars. I also threw in a ladybug hatching volcano for funsies. I was going to buy their observation journal too, but it was expensive and I’m certain there is one on teachers pay teachers. In this case, it’s Meagan, the crisis school teacher, pay teachers.


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