distancing day 56 thoughts:

1. Life tips by Meagan: Don’t walk your very cute baby dog when your clothes are covered in cavatelli dough. People will stop you because your dog is adorable and you will be standing there talking to them with booger looking globs of dough all over you.

2. Speaking of appearances, I am acquiring 1 new chin for every month in coronatine. Please 8lb newborn baby Jesus, let me either get a grip on my life or do not let this last until Christmas. I cannot have strangers trying to sit on my lap no matter how much I look like Santa Claus.

3. Clara had as good of a birthday as one can have in coronatine when one was supposed to be having a huge shindig with all her friends and family. I planned a lot of activities for her, but she was content to sheer sheep in Minecraft and build a guest suite for when people come to visit her world. I was temporarily disappointed she wasn’t interested in my cool tricks, cool tricks but she had a happy day and that’s what matters. Tomorrow I ain’t doing dookie, but Monday we are going to get into all sorts of projects!

4. I asked to both sleep in and get a nap tomorrow. Jerry offered fo go and get me some coffee tomorrow morning too. Because I like to push my luck, I also asked for my kids to be nice to each other and for the house to be cleaned- preferably while I sleep. A girl can dream about being a girl who can dream.


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