distancing day 57 thoughts:

1. My hands can’t take all this hand washing y’all. I’ve always thought of myself as a clean person, but apparently I was not. After 8 weeks of vigorous hand washing, my hands look like they belong to the crypt keeper.

2. Clara got a sewing machine for her birthday. My mom and dad gave it to her and I did not ask if they had to sell a kidney on the black market to acquire it as it might be more valuable than a roll of Charmin ultra soft at this point. I know they’ve been riding their bicycle built for 2 recently so they either recovered quickly or it was the day my dad’s online shopping prowess had been training for all along. I had not planned on pulling all of that out today but Clara and the girls asked nicely about a billion times and it seemed like a better use of time than a nap today. We quickly learned that pillows take a lot more batting that we thought and that we weren’t going to have enough for 4 critically essential pillow projects.

2a. Because we needing batting, I needed to go to Joann Fabrics. I haven’t been in any stores but the BX and PetSmart in 8 weeks. I was really surprised at how effectively they were enforcing social distancing in Joann’s. We had to wait in line outside the store and it was a one in, one out situation. When I got inside there were lots of reminders and marks on the floor every 6 feet on all the main aisles. The fabric people sanitized the surface, stepped back 6 feet, had me lay my fabric down and step back 6 feet myself. I sorta shouted over my mask what I wanted to happen and it all worked out. The same thing happened at the cash register. There were a smattering of masked people and unmasked people and outside of the enforced 6 foot rules at check out locations, people weren’t really abiding by those. All in all, I felt better about stores being opened after seeing the precautions they were taking firsthand. I do think stores would need to have enforcers to the social distancing thing outside of the designated 6 foot locations if it’s to be completely successful. All in all, I give it a 7/10 on my very scientific “how I feel about it” scale.

3. My day turned out exactly as I would have hoped it would. I didn’t sleep in and I didn’t get a nap, but I did get delicious coffee this AM, Five Guys for lunch, sonic drinks for 3sies, and lots of time with my favorite people. Evenifwehavebeenstuckinthehousetogetherfor57dayswithoutabreak. The family also cleaned the house for me and hung out with the dog when I wanted to do things like bathe. 5 stars. Would Mother’s Day like this again.


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