distancing day 58 thoughts:

1. Do we think that the Army would spring for the Drews having two houses? If I lived next door, I could keep my house clean AND I’d still be able to hear my kids- probably at a normal volume.

2. Today was cold and overcast and bullshit. I’m ready for the cold to be over. I looked at the forecast and I think 80+ is on the horizon. Praise the Lord. I’m running out of ways for us to be entertained indoors… and the noise. Oh the noise!

3. The girls and I practiced sewing some more. Today they all got to sit alone and control the foot pedals. Living on the edge. They all did really well, but truthfully, Laurel was probably the best. She was very slow and methodical. Clara made a pillowcase that only required us to use the seam ripper once! She better have sweet dreams on that pillow too because it used up allllll of my patience and I’m ti-red. There were also several versions of the same “competition dance” to Under the Sea that I got to watch 5 or 500 times by Marian and Laurel. They CRACKED me up though because they tapped a paper towel roll to a mermaid at that was their trophy. Laurel was supposed to be following Marian and would frequently mess up. Marian’s go to line is “you gotta be better than this Laurel.” Styling by Marian.

4. I cut up a billion tons of fruit today. The Drews have all been eating like if COVID doesn’t snatch us the diabetes will. I’m finally ready to shed my COVID 19 so prepare yourselves for the pandemic weight loss journey.


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