distancing day 60 thoughts:

1. Today was all about the reclaimed pallet doghouse. I dragged Jack and Clara out with me at 8 to go pick up some free pallets. Jerry was? is? a little skeptical about my ability to do woodwork just because I’ve never done woodwork before. Like none. I haven’t done work with any wood or good wood much less tried to make something sturdy out of discarded junk pallets while wrangling 4 kids around power tools. Still I feel confident in my abilities because 1. I am the family IKEA guru and 2. I watched a YouTube video. If that doesn’t give me the correct credentials, you’re all expecting too much. Nevermind that the exact doghouse I picked is built and YouTube’d by a dude in Ireland?/Scotland?/New Zealand? Hell idk. I do know it’s someplace with the metric system. Guess we are learning to build a doghouse using the Queen’s math. That’s STEAM and cultural awareness. Before I carry on to the next topic, I have to brag on my preteen. He worked his adorable little squishy booty off. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken pallets apart but it’s not exactly easy. I got the boards off and he hammered the nails through and then pulled them out the other side. He worked HARD for almost 4 hours straight with nothing more than a water/snack break here and there. He did not leave until the job was done and I am super duper proud. It’s a far cry from yesterday when we both almost blew a gasket when I was I was trying to explain to him how to disconnect the VCR and connect the Wii instead. Guess he has yet to earn his AUX Engineering degree like moi.

2. Pretty sure WiWi has a UTI. I made the first appointment for her I could which isn’t until Friday. I feel like she came to us with all kinds of medical hiccups from her time on the screet. It’s ok because we will get her taken care of, but it breaks my heart she doesn’t feel good. If she does indeed have a UTI, it will certainly explain why she’s been so grumpy the last couple of days. She is still doing fantastic with her training but she just started peeing on the floor like she was never potty trained at all. I won’t go into why I think she has a UTI besides that but take my word for it. I’ve gotta go full Beverly Goldberg tomorrow morning and see if there isn’t a cancellation that we can squeeze into. I have had a UTI before and it’s NOT pleasant. I do not want my baby feeling bad and I definitely don’t want it to turn into something worse.

3. I remember back when I was a weight lifter. That was fun. Not much more to say there besides I miss weight lifting so much. Rowing is cool. Hiking is fantastic. Neither of those is weight lifting and, therefore, inferior to me. I don’t know when life will get back to normal or when I’ll get back to my gym. I do wish some people who bought garage gym equipment with their trump bucks would start listing it on Facebook marketplace here pretty soon. The only thing I lift in a day can no longer be a fork to my gullet.


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