distancing day 65 thoughts:

1. Colorado gives me the worst case of FOMO. If the weather is nice, I do not care what is going on inside the house. I do not care how many loads of laundry there are waiting, how many dishes are piled by the sink, or how many messes there are to clean up. Y’all can wear your underwear inside out to extend its shelf life. I ain’t budging from outside. Today it can be 84 and sunny and tomorrow it can be 30 with a chance of snow. The forecast here is only solid for about 3 hours out. I don’t trust a single meteorologist and Colorado FOMO is real.

2. Even if I could fit into my shorts this year, I can’t wear them. I’ve been wearing workout pants every day. From the chest up and mid calf down, I’m Boca Raton. Chest down to mid calf, I’m Siberia. What’s worse is all my workout pants aren’t the same length so I have varying degrees of tan on my calves. If you think Thai tea is sexy, well do I have a Venmo QR Code for you.

3. Coronatine time will be known forever as “the popsicle era.” The kids are allowed 1 “pop” a day and the ones that aren’t so great at telling time ask me 383773 times a day if they can have their pop yet. No, it’s 615am, you cannot have your pop. No, it’s 617am, you still cannot have your pop. Guess what? You can’t have a pop at 623am either. This just came to me, but I need to have Alexa set a timer and they can ask her. Yyyyyyaaaassssss. If she takes this one for the team, I don’t even care if she plays “back that azz up” at 7am. The neighbor’s might not be down with Juvenile, but I’m confident we will win them over in time.

4. Today was Preschool Drive-by Farewell in the parking lot. The teachers had music and signs and balloons and bubbles and smiles and it was so great to see them for a minute! This COVID crap is messy and hard, but the creativity and selflessness of teachers during this time is something I hope the kids will remember forever. I know that I will.


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