distancing day 67 thoughts:

Its only Wednesday but I’m REAL ready for this stupid week to be over. Not that this weekend will be any different from this week, but I’m am drained.

Today parts 1a through 1f? z? will all be in paragraph format or something. I’m mad too so it’s all jumbled.

I took Winnie back to the vet today and the whole experience was horrendous. Winnie. DOES. NOT. feel. good. She is a baby puppy and she snaps if you touch her stomach. She doesn’t feel good. She didn’t want to walk again today and she doesn’t even really want to play.

Because she has been feeling so lousy, I reached out to her foster momma last night for more information. The foster momma said that Winnie was for real for real almost dead. She had to feed her around the clock with a syringe for 4 days and she had a horrible, terrible, no good upper respiratory infection.

The Dr was not hearing me that I wanted bloodwork run and a repeat UA. She insisted that Winnie was healthy by her exam. Listen, my bestie of 25+ years is an Army vet. She is a certified genius badass. I don’t pretend to know more than a vet, but this baby was SICK when she was little and nobody has done bloodwork to prove she ever fully recovered. Furthermore, she is still acting like a baby that doesn’t feel well and she’s been on antibiotics for 5 days.

I just wanted some reassurance besides a physical exam where she snapped at them because she hurts. The Dr swore up and down, left and right that UTIs don’t hurt dogs. THIS is why I always go to a lady OB. Unfortunately there are no dog vets, but damn, lady, have you ever been a dog? How do you know UTIs don’t hurt?!?

The thing that had me sick was when Winnie was growling as they were touching what I told them hurt and they didn’t believe me, the tech grabbed her by the neck and shoved her down. I know there is a place for that because she has to protect herself ultimately, but I was holding her face at the time and she’s a 13lb puppy not a 45lb dog. The yelp Winnie let out broke my heart and then she started to cry. Then, I started to cry.

I left in tears because it’s incredibly frustrating not being heard and the whole experience was horrible. There was a point where the Dr suggested she might have been without or had low oxygen for too long and just not be right. If the dog sucks ass and we got a lemon, I will deal with that with my behaviorist (which I ALREADY HAD before this debacle today). All I wanted from my Dr today was a thorough clean bill of health. She vehemently refused and acted like I was some Karen doggie mom that was completely out of line for asking for bloodwork and a repeat UA for a dog that won’t let you touch her stomach and, ya know, almost died.

There is a possibility that she doesn’t want people to touch her stomach or restrain her that has nothing to do with her UTI. I think it’s kinda interesting and worth at least a teeny bit of merit to consider that maybe it’s BECAUSE OF HER FREAKING UTI because she didn’t have any of these problems before she had one. 12 week old puppies that are as loved as her don’t know aggression! She hurts! I didn’t ask for free bloodwork or UA. I was standing there with my checkbook in hand with the understanding of “just tell me how much.” Why wouldn’t this vet at least want a baseline for her bloodwork if nothing else?

When I left, I called my friend in tears, my behaviorist in tears, and my veterinary badass best friend in tears. All 3 of them had the same answer: SHE IS SICK. UTIs HURT. GET A NEW VET. I spent the afternoon finding one with a wonderful reputation who listened to me! She has an appt Friday morning but they told me to call tomorrow and they’ll fill her in to one of their emergency same day appointments. I also have an appointment with the urinary internist in June. Winnie is mine and I will deal with whatever comes but I also need a clean bill of health before I send her to puppy rehab.

All I wanted was a happy, healthy wonderful puppy experience. She is the sweetest love muffin you’ll ever met when she feels good. The other night she tucked her muzzle up straight up under my 39 covid chins and passed out. This is giving me the puppy blues and I’m feeling inadequate but I know that no mommy will fight for her like I will.


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