distancing day 68 thoughts:

1. Wee Winnie had another Drs appointment today and this one went MUCH better. Dr Barb ran blood work and did new urine. Winnie was a stinker during her exam with Dr Barb too but she stopped and gave Winnie a second when she was illustrating she was uncomfortable instead of grabbing her by the neck and slamming her down. Dr. Barb listened to me and will either continue her current antibiotic or give us a new one tomorrow depending on her UA. I am already working on making Winnie more comfortable being handled because we have some pain response to overcome. The thing Dr Barb said that made me KNOW I’d made the right decision was “I really think she just is feeling bad.” Winnie did get put through the ringer today but she came out happy, tail wagging AND she got her first pup cup today.

2. Winnie’s appointment meant we were all out most of the morning (the vet was no contact so they just grabbed her from my van). When I came home, I realized our house smells like old yogurt. Dislike. Tomorrow we will all be cleaning and I will be spraying everything with orange Dr Bronner. This joint is either going to smell like Florida or, at the very least, like a orange creamcicle when the orange and old yogurt powers combine.

3. I have had a terrible headache all afternoon and just feeling kinda blah. It doesn’t feel like a quarantine hangover. Instead it feels like the let down after an adrenal response. I think yesterday triggered my fight or flight and I could not relax until after I’d fully fought for my girl. I could for sure fall asleep standing up so pizza for dinner it is as it’s not wise to stand at a stove… or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

4. Jerry had to go work a full day in the office today for the first time in 2 months. We miss him, but it feels more like a “normal” summer day without him here. Complete with me looking at the door every .68 seconds to see if he’s home yet. This is all so weird and I’m just rolling with the punches like Tai is rolling with the homies- a little bit of crying and a little bit of hope.


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