distancing day 69 thoughts:

1. I ate popcorn for supper because I’m 36 and you can do things like eat popcorn for supper when you’re 36 because there is nobody to stop you. You can also make run on sentences whenever you want because it’s summer break and you don’t have to use your brain in the summer or so I’ve heard.

2. Winnie’s bloodwork came back and it’s not terrible but it’s concerning. She definitely has an infection. The infection may be independent of the UTI or because of the UTI- that we do not know. I went digging for answers about Winnie and what she had been through at the Humane Society and I found out she was separated from her mom at 4 weeks. Mom went back to the Humane Society and the pups stayed with the foster momma. Apparently not learning manners from your mom and not learning how to share is very impactful to wee little puppies, so she might have a hurdle there. Additionally, the very good vet for the very good doggo mentioned that she worried the upper respiratory infection was distemper which can make the marbles roll around a little loose in the old noggin’. According to the HSPPR, one of her brothers was euthanized because his back legs didn’t work and the other 2 were showing severe symptoms of respiratory illness and were super underweight. The new vet and I had a WONDERFUL conversation about Winnie and she told me … WAIT FOR IT … that she thinks I’m the perfect mom for Winnie. I don’t know why I needed to hear it or, more specifically, why I needed to hear it from her but it helped renew my resolve. It’s super overwhelming to have a puppy (when you didn’t want a puppy in the first place) that was supposed to be baggage-less and instead has a hoopty caravan full of duct taped together Goodwill luggage with sharp corners. Anyway, all dogs, our behaviorist, and the new vet all go to Heaven.

3. Everything is feeling super normal and I can’t decide if it’s because it’s summer vacation or if it’s because it’s been 10 weeks. Either way, the elephant of unsettledness doesn’t seem to be sitting on my chest as much these days. That might also be because my dog is like having a newborn, a shark, and a toddler to take care of all in one and I don’t have time to think about stuff being different. In the summers, we always slow way down anyway. No dance, no gym, no sports- just family time. So, maybe things aren’t *that* different just because there is a global pandemic.

4. I took a nap today and when I woke up there was a tent in my backyard. Jerry and the girls decided to “glamp” tonight. They asked me if I wanted to sleep in the tent and I really didn’t so Jack, Winnie, and I are holding down the fort inside. It sounds really windy out there so I’d put money on my new King sized bed being very full of tiny people by the morning. For now it’s empty and I am fully starfished and It. Is. Amazing. If Andrew Loyd Webber can write a whole musical about cats, surely he could use his quarantine time to write a whole musical about the gloriousness of sleeping in the bed alone. I’d go see it- if Broadway ever reopens. Or, Hollywood could turn it into a movie and lose 70 million in the process. Either way, it’s a musical worth making.


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