distancing day 70 thoughts:

1. 10 whole weeks. I’m speechless. Hahahahaha. Jk. I’m infrequently speechless. This has been a wild ride. I go back and forth between feeling like I can power through until the end of time and feeling like if I don’t see somebody soon that I’m not genetically connected to that I’m gonna lose my mind. There is some gray area in between and there is some sleep too. But, mostly, it’s like being on that giant amusement park prone swing thingamajiger only somebody else pulls the ripcord and it doesn’t stop til they say it does. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s terrifying. And sometimes I’m just coasting.

2. Guess what I did today. If you guessed clean for 6 hours then you would be correct! The very infected very good doggo saga has absorbed every waking moment of this week. I felt awful leaving her to go do anything unnecessary because I knew she didn’t feel well and when you don’t feel well, you want your momma. I also logged quite a bit of time researching and a lot of time driving to and from the various Drs offices and sending medical records and blah blah blah. The house looked like we had thrown a frat party for zoo animals and required some most serious TLC, lots of Fabulouso, and buckets of elbow grease. The kids all helped by cleaning their rooms and tidying common areas, but this wasn’t a cursory clean kinda day. I still didn’t get to everything, but I did mop my floors for the first time in a looooooong minute and I believe that they wept with joy. Don’t worry, Jack dropped a 3/4 gallon of milk not long after I mopped them so I didn’t get a big head or anything.

3. The girls made it until about 10 last night when the wind got to be too much and Jerry brought them all in. We left the tent up today and at some point Jack declared it his man cave. I’m not even sure what that means but I do know it meant that I didn’t have to listen to Parker Plays at Cinemark volume, so that man cave can stay.

4. It’s a long weekend for Jerry and he heads back to work in the office next week. They’re allowing 33% of the folks to come back in and Jerry is in the 33%. He is acting bummed about leaving us but his days at home weren’t really shorter. I’m sure it’s exponentially easier to do his work without the lollipop guild pilfering shoes and doing unpracticed musical numbers behind his head. I will miss having him around too even though I nearly died of embarrassment every 3rd day over something I did or said that was stupid while he was on a conference call- re: I’ve never had so many wedgies in my life and they’re best picked when standing 45 degrees to the left or right of his back. The Army provided masks for some people and some people just have to make do with their own or some repurposed uniform item. I saw a few masks around town that looked like dirty jock straps. I didn’t ask questions, but I didn’t get too close to those guys either. Covid particles are trouble enough. I don’t need pink eye too.


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