distancing day 71 thoughts:

1. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Jerry got a bug up his butt and decided to clean out the garage. Y’all. I don’t think I have ever loved this man as much as I do today. Our wedding day was small potatoes compared to this. You see. When we move in to a new house we are an unpacking machine. We have the house up and running, pictures on the walls, coffee brewing, cable set up, internet firing within 3 days MAX. The small caveat to that is our garage stuff. The garage boxes get unpacked when we have our second, far less productive, bout of energy. We stick shit wherever and it’s not exactly our best organizational work. We also pull crap out all year and the kids (ok, and I) just throw stuff hither and tither. We were THAT family the last couple months- orrrrr maybe 2 years? I was ashamed every time we opened our garage door. I think my neighbors were ashamed. People 3 streets over were ashamed. Hell, you might have also been ashamed of my garage wherever you’re reading this from. You should have been. It’s cleaned now though and I am giddy. I will share a picture. (The boxes and bags are going into the garbage but it was pouring rain and we didn’t want soggy trash).

2. We had a thunderstorm today. I don’t remember the last time we had one and they make me so very happy. They remind me of home and Fort Benning (I liked Fort Benning and, no, I don’t have a brain tumor that I know of).

3. Can we just revisit how delighted I am about the garage?

4. 3/7 caterpillars chrysalis’d today. I thought they were getting ready this morning and I kept checking back. I still feel like they’re little David Copperfields because every time I checked they weren’t at all encased and then they just were. Now they’re chillin’ as suspended caterpillar goo. The chubby caterpillar that is me could be super down with a warm nap and emerging as something light and not quite so dimply everywhere. Speaking of the not pet animals in our care: Laurel *may* or may not have dropped the ladybug enclosure and ladybug larva went EVERYWHERE. So did their food. And so did their everything. We had to sorta scoop up whatever ladybug bits we could locate and move them outside. Allegedly. It’s probably not looking good for those guys. And this is why the dog is MINE.


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