distancing day 72 thoughts:

1. My girls have the most beautiful hair when they let me brush it. The bad thing about child-maintained hair is that the front looks aight, but the back looks like a rat has been sucking on it. I just brushed hair after baths for 30 minutes while the girls bleated at me like angry goats. There is a lot to love about having all these girls… brushing hair til you get an arm cramp and tennis elbow is not one for the highlight reel.

2. We had a nice long weekend. I feel like we got a lot accomplished even outside of the garage overhaul and we relaxed a good bit too. I love the summer because I have time to tackle small projects. For instance: today I cleaned out under the sink. It’s not glamorous but it’s done and now there is no excuse why someone can’t find the windex to take it and clean mirrors. Insert evil laugh. I also washed the walls in our high traffic areas. That’s some Little House on the Prairie shit and I do not appreciate it. Sure, there are lots of wild little Oreo fingers at this house, but there were the same amount of fingers at our last two houses and I can’t think of one single time when I had to wash the walls. I guess it’s the paint? Whatever it is, Dr. Bronner’s and water takes care of it but it’s a giant flaming pain in my ass and an eyesore.

3. Winnie walked today! Like walk walk walked. I could tell she was starting to feel better and her walk today made me so hopeful. Clara and Marian walked with us and we went a good clip farther than our usual loop. She hadn’t been walking when she was feeling particularly rotten. She would just lay down and refuse to budge. I’d have to carry her to the end of the street and tell her to go home over and over and over to get her exercise in. I have a renewed hope that I will be able to hike with her one day and not have to carry/drag a 40# sack of potatoes up mountains. Also, I enjoyed seeing some neighborhood a little further than the end of the street today too. I don’t know if it’s COVID related, warm weather related, or the trump bucks but everyone’s porches are really showing out this year. I only keep a wreath and rocking chairs with pillows on my porch and my porch is usually one of the nicer ones in the neighborhood proper. This year it’s looking like a full botanical garden in my hood. It’s a good thing too because I heard from a credible source that there are some jostled ladybug larva that need a place to call home.

4. Jerry is headed back into the office on Wednesday full-time. It’s about to get real interesting doing the summer kid entertainment circuit solo with no place to go. I’m searching diligently for a Nintendo Switch that Grandsir and Ma’am decided the kids should have- if they’re ever not out of stock. Our only summer accomplishment may very well be becoming NASCAR level Mario Karters but it is what it is. As my bestie said “I’m treating this time like the newborn stage. We just have to survive and we can fix everything later.” Summer Solo Parenting: Survival.


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