distancing day 73 thoughts:

1. I think most of the moths have moved on to greener pastures. Literally or figuratively: I do not care. I’m just glad they have mostly moved on from my back porch. The worst encounter with the moths was not when I would walk out my back gate and be surrounded by an upwards flying swarm like some villain in a budget film- but, rather, the onesies and twosies that like boobs. If I never ever feel the flutter of their gross little rat wings in my cleavage again, well… that would fine.

2. Winnie had a play date with her sister today. They were the cutest and they played very nicely until they had been playing for too long and both needed a nap. Winnie slept pretty much all afternoon after her reunion and boy did she need it! Winnie and Willow ran and romped and rolled (mostly Winnie) for a full hour and some change without more than a water break here and there. I thought it was super adorable how when Willow came up, they kissed right away. Usually the more formal greeting is a good ole fashioned anus sniff. Maybe they remembered each other afterall. It was interesting to see them together. And not just because they were on equal playing fields in size, ability, and stamina. Now that I’ve seen Willow in person, I think their dad had to have been some kind of terrier- Rat or Jack Russell. Then again, their mom may have been a Basenji/Cattle Dog mix which would explain their coloring. If that’s the case, I think their dad was a lab mix. Doesn’t matter any way shape or form, but it’s fun to imagine. Both Willow and Winnie are the very goodest girls.

3. It’s Meagan’s whole bottom half of her face is one big eczema scab season. I have been exfoliating and exfoliating and then exfoliating some more but my face does not care. I must endure the Beatlejuice phase of spring to be able to enjoy? looking like Samantha after her chemical peel all summer. If you didn’t get that reference, well, I’m just sorry you weren’t an 18-40 year old woman in the early 2000s. My allergy med regimen is mercifully keeping the giant eczema scab from also itching. My nose and eyes don’t itch either. I don’t mind being ugly-I haven’t worn makeup in months and it’s too late to turn back now. I definitely mind uncontrollable itching because it makes me so nervous. Hallelujah for modern medicine. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Montelukast (Singulair).


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