distancing day 75 thoughts:

1. I have often wondered if my neighbors look out their window and wonder why there are no lights on in my house before the sun is even down. We aren’t over here living like bat people, we just go to bed at 7. Like WE. ALL. Jerry and me included. I had to finish up a work project tonight and I’m appalled I’m still awake at 9. Most nights I’m already dreaming about unknowingly missing history class all of Firstie/Senior year to be told I couldn’t graduate like hours before graduation or my championship run on Supermarket Sweep by 815 at the latest. Yes, I get up every night to take Winnie to the bathroom still. I don’t think she would need a break if she didn’t go to bed at the same time most people just sit down to dinner. Do not care. I’d rather wake up to take out the dog than have to stay up until some unGodly hour like 10. Yick. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man mostly healthy, retirement focused, and definitively unable to successfully teach 4th grade math. Or however the saying goes.

2. The kids are varying degrees of less than stoked that Jerry is not home to watch them when I take Winnie for her walks. The great news is Winnie is a trooper. She walked a couple miles today quite happily and even had some gas left in the tank to run when I said “go home Winnie.” The bad news is every walk takes an extra 30 minutes on the front end because shoes and pants are required and shoesing and pantsing when you’ve been on Covid block leave for months is hard. One of the offspring chose his/her choice of stupid flip flops despite my polite prompting that we were walking far today and tennis shoes were the preferable choice. To his/her credit, he/she only complained just the once because he/she is smart and interpreted my face anger darts as an invitation to hush it. I wore this person’s Old Navy 2 dolla flip flops to grab the mail the other day and was in agony, so I was speaking from experience when I said it was a capital B, BAD idea.

3. I made my momma’s macaroni salad for dinner while Jack played D&D with the best cousin triad that ever was. Macaroni salad is what we would eat in the summers for lunch on hot days and I just loooooove it- then again, all days of the summer in Mississippi are hot. I don’t make it but once or twice a year because I eat it like every bite is getting me closer to Calgon personally escorting me home. I asked my bestie tonight if she ever makes a food from when she lived with her parents and then super overeats. She said yes. Validated. Bloated. Heart burned. Worth it.


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