distancing day 76 thoughts:

1. No. No. No. no. NO. NO. NOOOO. I just went to get a cup of ice water and a dazed and confused moth rode an ice cube out of my dispenser like Aladdin on his mother freakin’ magic carpet. I can never drink water or get ice again. My blood is already a solid 70% caffeine but we are gonna cruise right into 99.9% territory because YIKES ON ALL THE BIKES. The kids have been making fun of me because I shrieked with such gusto that several glasses somewhere in Australia are probably broken. Ok. Fair. But, who the heck expects a half cryogenically frozen moth to ride an ice cube out of their dispenser on a random Friday afternoon?!? For the record: it wasn’t frozen enough to not flutter it’s creepy little wings and try to fly at my face. Dislike.

2. I accomplished the bare minimum today and I don’t even feel bad about it. I usually get a little burst of energy after my shower but it didn’t come today. I washed my hair and I walked my dog twice. I got a nap and I nearly jumped out of my skin at the surprise moth attack. That’s enough productivity for one day.

3. After our second walk with the very good doggo, Marian decided that she was bored and wanted to look for lizards. I don’t know where lizards live and she doesn’t either. We turned over at least 200 rocks looking under them for lizards just the same. There were no lizards. There were ants and spiders and roly polys in spades. I really hope some new at home hobbies reveal themselves soon because I do not now nor ever aspire to master amateur entomology and this is a long summer. Archery, blacksmithing, blind chess, metal detecting, coloring, orienteering: all welcome. Entomology: hard pass.

4. I saw a baby bunny while I was sitting on my porch waiting for a thunderstorm that never happened.


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