distancing day 77 thoughts:

1. Hold on to your butts. Jerry and I were lamenting this morning about how gross and sluggish and blech we have been feeling and he blurted out that we should challenge ourselves to be vegetarian or give up refined sugar or something. Somehow that turned into absolutely let’s do vegetarian/vegan for the whole month of June. Jerry is gonna do vegetarian because he wants milk and eggs but I’m gonna go full vegan because I don’t care for cheese, milk, or eggs anyway. I do like butter and ice cream, but there are very good substitutes for that stuff- so whatever. I’m the one that cooks so the fam is going vegan at dinner at the very least. For the month of June, I’m Meagan the Vegan. If that didn’t give you a chuckle, well, then you’re not saying my name as my momma intended it. I do solemnly swear that I will not only post about being temporarily vegan this month. I can’t promise I won’t introduce myself as Meagan the Vegan for the entire 30 days though and then laugh and laugh and laugh.

2. Moscow kissed me last night for the first time in a LONG time. He’s been maaaaad at me. He only really messes with me when Jerry isn’t home and he needs someone to feed him at 4am anyway, but he’s been giving me the cold shoulder since Winnie came home. He gives Jerry and me the Jones eye every time he comes downstairs and she is still here. In the past, we would babysit dogs from time to time because we love dogs. Moscow didn’t love that but they always left after a few days. This wild puppy hasn’t left. The old crotchety man cat is gonna be ok. Speaking of the animals, Winnie has started holding her bones like cigars. I’m obsessed. Also, she’s looking more cattle doggie to me every day. Wait wait wait! Speaking of cattle dogs, I sent the Wisdom Panel an email to contest their results. They asked for pictures and then they sent me a million page email explaining their science and doubling down that she isn’t any part cattle dog. I’m doubling down that their test is bullshit. So there. She’s a Winnie. And Winnie’s are very good doggos even if they’re not Doberman poodle pit Labrador bischon frises.

3. It is supposed to thunderstorm all week and I am here for it! I waited and waited yesterday and today for a thunderstorm that never happened. Colorado Springs is huge so it can thunderstorm in one place and be sunny and 85 in another with not a cloud in sight. Where we live seems to not get as extreme of weather as the West Side which is cool when it comes to not having softball sized hail and not cool when you just want a thunderstorm to remind you of home when you’re stuck 1000 miles away from your family. The roaches can stay in Mississippi, but I’d really like some thunderstorms. Now we have a big ole bed that can accommodate scared little extra bodies without digits digging in to the previously assigned king bed sleepers. Sleeping while it rains with low growling thunder is the best way to sleep. Fight me.

4. I’m really only writing about this for posterity as it is a pretty BFD: Today was the Space X rocket launch where 2 astronauts went into orbit and are headed for the international space center. Even though that was history being made, I’m still a little scarred from when my 3rd grade teacher told us about how she was the runner up to be on the Challenger and that one blew up. I also clearly remember when Colombia exploded on reentry, as well. We did watch it live – even though I seriously considered watching a replay once all was well. I was probably praying as hard as anybody that the rocket launch was successful because I don’t think kids should watch people turn to dust on principle. A couple of thoughts: 1. Their uniforms/spacesuits? were looking a little like the mafia designed them- they were just missing thick gold chains, 2. Both the astronauts looked cool as cucumbers during launch. The one fella (I think Bob) was just folding his hands and watching like he was in a board meeting and about to make an excellent point about falling stock prices, 3. The sequin dinosaur in the capsule was the sweetest 4. I saw only 1 mask in the whole swarm of folks that were watching. I’m checking to see what Florida’s covid sitch is over the next 14 days. Surely that will give us some kind of insight, ya?


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